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September 21, 2014

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All Mapped Out: Knoxville Swimming Pools and Splash Pads

Fountain on Market Square. Photo: M.V. Jantzen

Since summer is right around the corner we thought we’d help you locate public pools and splash pads in and around Knoxville. If you want to add another spot please leave us a tip in the comments.

View Knoxville, TN Public Swimming Pools in a larger map

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  • CHuskey

    Springbrook Pool in Alcoa is a great pool. Enormous pool with a water slide on the shallow end and a 3 tier high dive on the deep end (unless it’s changed it’s been about 3 years since I was there last). They offer swimming and scuba classes, there’s a concessions stand, and the whole thing is surrounded by a large greenway/park.

  • Patrick Beeson

    Very cool. More of this please!

  • Mccannie0017

    Inskip pool is awesome and cool

  • pool company

    I have not much time, but I’ve got many useful things
    here, love it!

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