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September 19, 2014

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Authentic Knoxville: Sites That Provide an Insiders View

Last week, Jeremy Floyd of Holrob coined Knoxify as the “insider’s uncensored take on what makes Knoxville great.”

That got us thinking: what other sites offer an authentic look at Knoxville? Here’s our take on the best blogs/sites that exemplify who the real Knoxville is.

All Around KTown: Suzy Trotta puts the “real” in real estate with her housing-centric blog. There is no better place to get a realistic view of the housing market in Knoxville.

The Sunsphere is NOT a Wigshop: CK and company provide a genuine look at Downtown Knoxville, local restaurants and the entertainment scene. Grab a wig and rock out!

Knoxville Trivia Blog: Byron always has an interesting perspective when it comes to local news celebrities. He also does a good job of covering the infamous digital billboard debate.

Navigating SmartFIX40: We hear it from outsiders all the time, “Knoxville roads are the suck!” Don Jacobs of offers up advice to sort through the Knoxville interstate mess.

Bike Knoxville: K-town is probably the most bike unfriendly city on this side of the Mississippi river. Bike Knoxville keeps locals informed on bicycling efforts throughout the city.

Photography by CraigOppy

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  • Lauren Spuhler

    Thanks for the knoxnews love! And what a good mix of blogs about K-town.

  • CP

    I <3 shameless plugs for the Sentinel. :-)

  • Suzy

    It’s very cool to be included on a such a great list – my little baby blog is growing up!

  • CP

    @Suzy – You’re welcome on our homepage anytime.

  • CK

    don’t forget “weird knoxville”
    we will not rest until we bring the strangest things in knox vegas to the internets.
    and thanks for the props!

  • CP

    @CK – weird Knoxville it is. Keep up the great work!

  • Byron

    Preciate the nice mention of the KTB! Twas a pleasant surprise.



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