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September 17, 2014

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Best Way to Spend a Rainy Day in Knoxville?


Did you know that Knoxville averages 11 rainy days for the month of December? With all the rain we’ve been receiving lately it feels like an eternity since we’ve had a nice, sunny day.

How do you make the best of a rainy day in Knoxville?

Thanks to Brittney Moore via Twitter for the question suggestion. Knoxify your Twitter stream by following us, too.

Creative Commons License Photography by * Cati Kaoe *

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  • CP

    I usually toss on my duck boots and make the best of it by going to a movie or out to dinner w/ friends.

  • brandon moore

    Any library with wifi (the Blount County Library is my personal favorite), the Golden Roast or Knoxville Museum of Art

  • Brittney Moore

    I like to cozy up with a good book and good cup of coffee or tea and chill out at Golden Roast or my couch. However, in honor of Christmas and to boost the crappy economy, I’m shopping with Mom :)



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