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September 21, 2014

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Best & Worst Street Names in Knoxville?


This question came from one of our awesome Twitter followers, Shawn Van Dyke.

When this question was submitted I laughed out loud because I could relate. Let’s just say that a female first name and a bug are combined for the name of my street.

Which street names do you think are the best and worst in Knoxville?

Photo by: johnwilson1969

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  • bupperoni

    Oh. My. By far, the worst-named street is Historic Preservation Drive, connecting Riverside Drive to Hall of Fame just east of downtown. (Remember, this entire neighborhood was flattened during the urban renewal phase in the 50s and 60s, displacing virtually all of Knoxville’s African-American community.) Thanks Victor!

  • CP

    @bupperoni: I remember that story from the Introduction Knoxville bus tour. I didn’t know it was named that.

    As far as the best name, there is a Casey Dr. off of Weisgarber. That one takes the cake for me. :-)

  • Eric Moritz

    I think the worse road is “Deaderick Ave” in Mechanicsville. It’s a couple blocks away from University Ave, which I ride down every day on my bike. I fear bad things will happen to me if I ever ride down that street.

  • Jonathan Haskell

    There’s one in our neck of the woods I’ve always wondered about: Ferd Hickey Rd.? Also curious about Ho-Ca-Ta-Ke Ln. off of Pleasant Ridge.

    I’m also curious when roads change names. I guess the best is Oak Ridge Hwy/Western Ave./Summit Hill/Vine Ave./Dandridge Ave./Brooks Ave. But I particularly like the intersection of Broadway, Western, Henley and Summit Hill.

  • Suzy

    I think pretty much all of the main streets in Karns have confusing and somewhat unfortunate names.

    There’s Beaver Creek, Beaver Ridge, Ball, Ball Camp, Byington Solway, Ball Camp Byington and Byington Beaver Ridge.

    On the bright side, at least you can giggle while you’re driving around in circles.

  • Tim

    On campus: Melrose Place!

  • Ali

    I’m not sure whether this one is good or bad – it’s debatable. Petsafe Village is located on Electric Avenue. Every time I take my dog there, I laugh and start singing the song, and then kick myself because it is stuck in my head for the rest of the day. :)

  • CP

    @Ali: Given Petsafe’s industry, I had a mental picture of a dog crossing an invisible fence and getting zapped when you said Electric Ave. Haha.

  • bcknoxify

    Wray, I think I met him once.

  • Shawn

    Try living in my hood…

    Magic Lantern Drive…oh wait…

    then there’s Fragrant Cloud…oh wait…hold on…I forgot…

    French Lace…and also Sunsplash Lane….I think you get a bottle of SPF 50 if you live there.

  • Thomas Gaines

    Sprankle Ln. -> near Lyons View.

  • Jody Collins

    Too many to pick just one. I’ve worked with the real estate industry off and on for years, and some of these subdivision street names are downright laughable.

    I will say that I dislike the name Hall of Fame Drive. Its just… its truly oddly named considering how many times I’ve seen ‘streetwalkers’ on HoF that were definitely not award winning material. :)

  • Elise

    Can I add another vote to Shawn’s list? My parents live in that subdivision. Enchanted Lane? Tropicana? REALLY?

    Dear Knoxville developers, stop letting your 4-year-olds choose the street names kthnx.

    (also, I lol’d at Beaver Ridge. Just sayin’)

  • Catherine

    I know the intention was good, but Support our Troops Way or whatever it’s called is ridiculous. We just call it “Go USA Street”.

  • Johngalt

    Blows Ferry Road. Fits in perfectly with Gay Street

  • codyyy

    -Ho-Co-Ta-Ke is less interesting than you may hope…

    It was named by the 4 families that first built homes there. They took the first 2 letters of each families name.

    -There is a Bill Murray Lane off Clinton Hwy. That wins hands down.

  • Saul Young

    Perhaps one of the more insulting street names is Better Tomorrow Dr. which runs through the Western Heights public housing area. The message that street name implies is rather poignant. I’m sure it was named in all sincerity to show that things will get better, but the assumption is made that things are already worse.



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