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September 22, 2014

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Music Posts

The Well springs to life


Cheesy title aside, The Well is shaping up to be Knoxville’s new go-to venue for tremendous music and fine libations.

Ain’t No Time To Sit Down: Shiny and the Spoon brings quiet force to Knoxville


Shiny and the Spoon plays both the Blue Plate Special and at Barley’s, softly folk-rocking out.

Ain’t No Time To Sit Down: The V-Roys release compilation Sooner or Later and a contest!


Concurrently a history lesson, breakdown of the album… ending with a slovenly syrupy-sweet love letter to The V-Roys and a CONTEST!

Little Sparrow Soars: Dolly Parton’s “Better Day” Tour Takes Flight

Tickets to Dolly's Better Day Concert Tour

Dolly Parton kicked off her Better Day World Tour right here in Knoxville. Laura Bower highlights the ups and downs of Dolly’s event that took place Sunday, July 17th.

Scott Miller to keynote at The Mountain Heritage Literary Festival


Miller performs a dueling-of-the-minds-of-sorts alongside author Silas House, which sounds to be an interesting experiment.

Ain’t No Time To Sit Down: Jill Andrews looks within to find The Mirror


Jill speaks about the writing of her new album, The Mirror, and what brings her back to Knoxville.

The Next Big Thing: Justin Helton / Status Serigraph


Justin Helton rises to the top, one swipe of the squeegee after another.

Ain’t No Time To Sit Down: What The Hell’s An Ampient?


What do Charlie Sheen, Apple computers and Christopher Nolan’s dreamscape have to do with Knoxville? Find out how within.

The Next Big Thing: Chyna Brackeen & Attack Monkey Productions, Part 2

One of Knoxville's best logos.

In part two of NBT: Chyna and AMP, we highlight Chyna’s growing young business, Attack Monkey Productions. You may have heard of her clients: The Black Lillies, Ole Smokey Moonshine, Ben Sollee…

The Next Big Thing: Chyna Brackeen & Attack Monkey Productions, Part 1

Photo credit: Carie Thompson

In part one of our Next Big Thing series, we’re putting the spotlight on someone that typically puts the spotlight on others. Chyna Brackeen is building a local business that we think could catapult her onto a national stage.



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