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September 16, 2014

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Local Knoxville Companies Innovating the Green Movement

Ever held a menu made up of 10 to 30% post consumer waste? If you’ve eaten at Ruby Tuesday’s lately then there’s a good chance you have.

Knoxville Overground Looking for Best of Local Startup’s

Knoxville Overground, a group “dedicated to empowering independents”, is seeking nominations for the best of local startup’s. Categories include women in entrepreneurship, Web and persistence. Know a business or person worthy of your nomination?

Knoxified Friday Question: Who Inspires You?

With Brandon on the road burning up wedding season, we aren’t able to bring you a video blog today for the Friday question like we wanted. So, here it is in old fashioned text. Over the past year, which Knoxvillian has went above and beyond the call of duty to inspire innovation, foster creativity and[…] Read More »

Innovation in Our Backyard

UT team takes home $25,000. That’ll make for some really slick boats.



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