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September 22, 2014

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Best Place to Shop Vintage in Knoxville?

If you were hunting for a 30s silk chiffon dress or a classic Les Paul guitar, where would you go? We’re looking for the best place to shop vintage in Knoxville.

9 Knox Co. School Coupons to Use Before They Expire

Remember that Knox County school coupon book you bought last year? Yeah, it expires in August. Read on and we’ll tell you which ones we’ll be redeeming.

How to live in Knoxville

Update (12/18/08): After receiving a number of valid comments that I’m looking unfavorably on certain parts of Knoxville, I’ve decided to write a follow-up entry to this one with my current view of living in Knoxville. The current entry was originally published on my personal site in June 2008 before I had a chance to[…] Read More »

Where Are the Best Deals in Knoxville?

Last week we left you hanging without a Friday question. Shame on us. But I’m willing to bet that many of you were Knoxify-less as you searched the city for the best deals on Black Friday. Have any luck or are you waiting until the last minute? In any case, where have you found the[…] Read More »

Abode – A Place In Which a Person Resides

Allison and Matt Sprouse seem to be popping up everywhere. I see them Downtown, North Knox, even as far out as Farragut. That’s when it hit me, they are a large part of the community. As the ice skating rink at Market Square is around the corner, we wanted to remind all Knoxify readers to[…] Read More »

The Board Room

Knoxville has a brand new snow / skate / wake shop that is carrying the coolest board sports gear and apparel around.  The Board Room is open now, but their “official” Grand Opening is going to be next Friday, October 17th.  Support this local business by stopping by this week or for their special Grand[…] Read More »

Costco For The Win!

As Josh Flory reported, Tommy Stokes is looking for signatures. Costco signatures that is.



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