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September 19, 2014

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View of Knoxville, Vol. 158

Sneak play by Jeremy Lowery

What We’re Reading: UT ‘Power Towel’ promotion to benefit food bank

Knoxville reading including VOLstars helping out, Smokey recouping, and the coming of an official jar of Popcorn Sutton moonshine.

What We’re Reading: New Carter school plan approved by County Commission — for real

Knoxville reading including proposed redistricting of schools, Stone’s snapping issues, and a mother and daughter team up to help fight breast cancer.

What We’re Reading: Community Shares celebrates 25th year with Cajun bash

Knoxville reading including start of a Green Building Incentive Program, a Knoxville Jazz documentary premiere, and the story of a real life Matt Foley.

What We’re Reading: Documentary showcases women pilots of the 1920s

Knoxville reading including the first women of flight, SEC rank a worthy one, and a 9/11 survivors account of the experience.

What We’re Reading: University of Tennessee launches first-in-nation ‘e-bike’ program

Knoxville reading including Ten Out Of Tenn stopping in Knoxville, Three Rivers Market new location, and the appointment of a new Knox County School Board chairman.

What We’re Reading: Bijou Theater Pays Tribute to Bonnie Lou and Buster

Knoxville reading including Cas Walker on the big screen, UT students back at it, and the closing of an Old City icon.

What We’re Reading: Steady progress made toward Urban Wilderness South Loop

Knoxville reading including progress on Urban Wilderness South Loop, Dooley quoting Shakespeare to the guys, and both Amazon & Sierra Nevada updates.

Better Know A Candidate: Marshall Stair

Marshall Stair would like to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars, supports neighborhoods, and has roots at both White Lily Flour and Standard Knitting Mills

What We’re Reading: 88-year-old shares lifetime of revelation

Knoxville reading including shared memories, Girl Scout museum renovation, and State Senate candidates speak out on arts.



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