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September 18, 2014

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The Best “Little Known” Spot in Knoxville?


Knoxville has all kinds of best kept secrets.

What do you think is the best “little known” spot in Knoxville?

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  • CP

    I would say Gourmet’s Market although I don’t know how big of a secret it is. I recently discovered their french toast and now have an addiction.

  • Jigsha Desai

    I’m not saying anymore. I don’t want all my fave little spots to get too well-known. :)

    But shameless plug for Cosmos Cafe (Gourmet Market) (brunch), Sassy Ann’s (dance music), Time Warp Tea Room (hot chocolate) and Ms. Goodstuff’s Cafe (sandwiches) on Woodland Ave.

  • laura

    King Tut’s! The Creamery Park Grille.

  • Jayson Mullen

    Well… this place isn’t in Knoxville, but it is in Lenoir City which I think is close enough. It is in downtown Lenoir City near the post office. La Lupita is the name. It has authentic hispanic food and groceries. There is a small restaurant in the back and the help doesn’t speak English. I just always go there and ask for the “BIG Burrito”. It is really good!

  • CHuskey

    Gotta agree on King Tuts!

  • Suzy

    Good stuff, guys! Definitely agree about Gourmet Market/Cosmos. Will have to check out Goodstuff’s and La Lupita – I’ve never heard of those! Here’s a few more:

    - Ali Baba’s Time Out Deli (not a secret really, but def underrated, IMO)
    - Holy Land Deli on Sutherland
    - The Round-Up Restaurant in SoKno (great nanner pudding!)

  • Eric Moritz

    La Cubana (sic) sandwich that is at La Esperanza at Washington Pike and Whittle Springs

  • Debra

    The courtyard at St. John’s Cathedral in downtown.

    The yard at Blount Mansion, and the charming garden behind the historic house next to Blount Mansion – especially during Dogwood season.

  • Jody Collins

    Harby’s, even though lots of folks know about it, is rather underrated. Lost n Found Records, in the same shopping center. My ‘secret’ place, the place I used to go to a lunchtime when I needed some quiet, is the Lunchbox on Weisgarber. Its so tucked away, most don’t know a thing about it.

  • Amanda Wolfe

    King Tut’s absolutely! I started my 30th birthday party celebration there, and it was definitely a memorable evening.

    Senor Taco is in my opinion the best Mexican in Knoxville. It’s probably well known by the North Knox crowd, but many times when I mention it to my West Knox coworkers, I get blank stares in return.

  • Laura Venable

    501 Arthur is a great lunch spot. It’s located across the street from the historic firehouse in Mechanicsville. They have sandwiches, salads, and awesome tomato soup.

  • calvinbama

    Scrugg’s BBQ on Magnolia is hands down the best in town. Everything on the menu is delicious and inexpensive



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