Sawyer’s Loses Its Greatness

CP Local Flavor, News 13 Comments

No more paper towels. No more pellet-shaped ice. Coleslaw recipe change. No customer service. Has Sawyer’s lost it’s greatness? For nearly 9 years I have always enjoyed Sawyer’s for their “never frozen” chicken fingers, famous Sawyer’s sauce and laid back atmosphere. But that all changed last week.

Cupcakes Galore

Leslie Bowden Local Flavor 10 Comments

If you are paying attention, you have noticed cupcakes everywhere now a days. So, Rose Kennedy’s article about Knoxville’s cupcake trend caught my attention in last week’s The Metro Pulse. My roommate is an avid baker and true cupcake-lover (she has been raving about Williams-Sonoma cupcakes since Christmas). I decided to …