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September 18, 2014

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Best Place for a Haircut in Knoxville?


When you move to a new city or you end up on the losing end of a Don King-styled haircut, you’ll most likely seek out a new place to get your haircut.

As I phone in my appointment with Rob at Belleza Salon and Spa, I’m curious:

Where’s your favorite place in Knoxville to get a new do?

Thanks to Franklin via Twitter for the question suggestion. Knoxify your Twitter stream by following us, too.

Creative Commons License Photography by Vidiot

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  • Erin

    I’m off to Salon Visage in Market Square..Hopefully the Don King look will not be my holiday hair..

  • CP

    @Erin: You know you like the, “I just stuck my finger in a light socket look.”

  • Franklin

    I thought I had gotten a great cut from the barber hidden next to long’s till it tarted growing back in, you could call it the mini don king.

  • Patrick Beeson

    My favorite place is Salon Azure in Bearden. The massage — no, not that kind of massage — you get before they wash your hair is awesome!

    Make sure you ask for Amy — she used to be a journalist!

  • bcknoxify

    Not much for the cut lately…working on a sweet business in front, party in the back mullet. I go to Rob as well, but also like to check out Junior over at Western Plaza for a true barber shop experience.

  • Andy J
  • The Modern Gal

    I went to Vibe for the first time last month and loved it. Planning on scheduling a color next week.

  • Suzy

    I have to jump on the Belleza train too. I go to Kim – best colorist in Knoxville, period. She’s also great if you have natural wave or curl, like yours truly.

  • Eric

    Who else is there, except Andrea at Trade Secret Turkey Creek!?

  • Joshua

    Stout’s California Concepts on 5307 N Broadway St is where I get my hair cut. Ask for Katie she’s the best! She worked with me when I had no idea what to do with my hair. Also, basically gave me a transformation.

  • Shawn

    Great Clips in Fountain City…they do a really good job and I get a coupon in the mail about once a month…and in my book, that’s as good as money.

  • Missybw

    Brandi at Salon Visage on Market Square. Able to tame unruly cowlicks and other genetic anomalies with a single snip! A scissoring super hero!

  • Josh

    If you’re a guy looking for a good old fashion barber, then you can’t beat the Varsity Barber Shop next to Walgreens on the strip. One of the few barber shops that takes appointments. I prefer Jack but the Buddhist guy is also good.

  • Lauren

    I’m a big fan of Ebony (for cut) and Sherese (for color) at Salon Azure. The only problem is I walk out craving Nama, right next door.

    • SLE

      Gotta disgaree about Sherese at Salon Azure. The color I selected on the swatch she presented, was, in her opinion, “too much work.” Tough, Sherese, that’s what you get paid for. She also left the color in my hair too long, making it inky black. Never will I go to SA again.

  • Bob Wilson

    I’ve been a fan of Melanie Cooper for a while. She now owns Pure Envy Salon behind East Towne (Oops, Knoxville Centre) Mall. She’s great and always on time. I have never waited more than a few minutes. I can’t say that for other places I’ve used.

  • knoxlight

    Salon Venus. Mandie Harrison. I have gone to her for 15+ years through many styles and I continue to get regular compliments.

  • Jay

    No self-respecting barber shop takes appointments, takes credit, or uses anything but the straight razor. Fountain Gate Barbers in Fountain City takes the cake.

  • TurboSquirrel

    Union Avenue Barber Shop, Downtown – It’s actually located on Walnut, between Clinch and Union (i.e. don’t believe the Google)!.

    Great prices, they’ve been downtown for years. Old car pics on the walls…

  • Holly McCoy

    I have been going to Panache Hair and Body in Fountain City for quite some time. Talk about a great place to get a hair cut or more then I recommend this place highly.

  • Fran

    Teresa Wesson at The Haircolor Salon (865-688-8114, 1308 Wilson Road, Ste 106…off Clinton Highway) is the best – Teresa is very up to date on both color and cut, and does a fantastic job!

  • CP

    Thanks for the contributions folks. Lots of great places to choose from.

  • Dana Nutter

    I’ve been here almost 9 years now. The only good place I’ve found is Broadway Barber Shop on N. Broadway by Big Lots.

  • Lori

    See Jared at Salon Visage on Market Square. He is an artist!

  • FRAN


  • Salon and Day Spa

    Thanks for the recommendations in all the comments! Definitely want to avoid the Don King look if at all possible.

  • Molly Bear

    go see carol @ salon rocks…she is the

  • mizmargauxxx

    easily, my fave place is LOX! its affordable and elise gives me a great cut and color every time that doesn’t just look great when I leave, but its awesomeness lasts and lasts!

  • Nicole VanScoten

    Definitely Salon Visage :)

  • Patrick


    I 2nd Jared @ Salon Visage on Mkt Sq. He’s the best!

  • Nicole VanScoten

    @Patrick: I agree! I’ve been going to Jason since he was at the Studio and he’s great!

  • Nicole VanScoten

    @Patrick: And by “Jason”, I mean Jared…haha…busy morning, I’m loosing my mind!

  • bayaga

    I get my hair cut at Erin’s —-Above the Neck—-you get in and get out—–and I don’t have to cut off an arm and leg to pay for it—-I just shake it—falls into place and off I go—-

  • Brian

    Being a finicky client, I have found Denise at True Radiance in Fountain City to be the best. Attention to detail, and a real bargain! Knoxvegas’ best kept secret

  • Jake

    StevenJohn Studio A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, John 423.437.4348



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