Founded in 2007, Knoxify is an award-winning news site that delivers the inside scoop on the best of Knoxville, TN. Our mission is to bring readers, both local and afar, an insiders view on the latest news, events, and happenings in our area. We publish genuine, unscripted content in a positive voice from a multitude of writers. As a labor of love we share little pieces of Knoxville with our readers that we appreciate and take pride in.

Knoxify is about all of Knoxville: East and West, North and South, and everything in-between. Conversation is sparked in every corner of Knoxville and even more so right here on our site. Helpful discussion from a loyal community of users is what makes our site such a valuable asset to our city, so we encourage our readership to leave their mark by commenting on any of our 900+ articles.

It’s a sort of hyper-local site growing in popularity where everyone works for free. It’s that energy that’s grown Knoxify.NPR
Whether you’re an East Tennessee lifer or a visitor, log on to check out Knoxville residents’ inside scoop on the best of the city.Knoxville Magazine


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