Sequoyah Hills

Sequoyah Hills is one of Knoxville’s oldest, and some would argue, most prestigious, West Knoxville neighborhoods. It sits in a bend in the river and is a large neighborhood known around town for its large, tree-lined main boulevard, gorgeous lake views, awesome parks, and very expensive homes.

Sequoyah Hills proper dates back to around 1920 and the Kingston Pike Sequoyah Hills Association has a pretty thorough history of the development of the area from that time to present.

Like many neighborhoods that are developed over several decades, Sequoyah Hills is architecturally diverse. Styles include everything from English Tudor, English Cottage, and American Colonial to fifties and sixties ranchers, contemporary Frank Lloyd Wright inspired homes, and newer traditional homes.

Much like Holston Hills to the east, construction of larger homes came to a halt at the start of the Great Depression and homes built during and after the war tended to be more modest cottage style homes, so home sizes – and prices – are also quite diverse in the neighborhood.

Sequoyah Hills is great place to live if you like to walk, bike, run, or just laze around in a nice city park. The neighborhood is home to the 87 acre Sequoyah Park , which is so large it is broken into 3 separate parts, each with its own entrance. The various parts include picnic facilities, unpaved walking trails, water access, a playground, 3 softball/baseball fields, and lots and lots of green, open space to relax in and on. There is also a much smaller 1 acre park, Talahi Park, which has two shelters, benches and a fountain.

In addition to its parks, Sequoyah Hills contains a 2.6 mile section of the Knoxville Greenway. The Sequoyah Greenway is located in the median of the main boulevard, Cherokee Boulevard, which starts at Kingston Pike, and winds its way south and west along the river.

Not only does the neighborhood have its own built-in recreation facilities, it also has its own branch of the Knox County Library (the Sequoyah branch), an elementary school (the George Berber designed Sequoyah School), and a church (Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church).

  • a home with character
  • something close to downtown and UT campus
  • easy access to grocery, boutique and mall shopping
  • easy access to public parks and outdoor recreation activities
  • something very close to an elementary school
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Safe, nice neighbors, feeling of being wrapped in history in the midst of modern Knoxville.Mellisah

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