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September 17, 2014

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Casey Peters 40 Under 40

Congrats to Knoxify’s brainchild, and YPK (Young Professionals of Knoxville) co-founder Casey Peters for making The Greater Knoxville Business Journal 40 under 40. Youngest on the list, he weighs in at 27 years.

Keep Slaying the Dragon cp!

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  • The Modern Gal

    Congrats, Casey!

  • CP

    @The Modern Gal: Thank you!

  • Jody Collins

    I read the article on Knoxnews earlier today. Congrats!

  • Michael Wender

    Nice writeup for a talented and visionary guy. Congrats!

  • CP

    @Michael Wender & @Jody Collins: Thanks to you both! And thanks for reading Knoxify. That’s all that matters to me.

  • Lauren

    Casey – belated congrats! Way to represent the under 30 crowd in style.

  • CP

    @Lauren: Thanks Lauren. Kinda sad there weren’t more 20-somethings. 3 last year and 2 this year.



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