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September 15, 2014

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Best Place to Get Thanksgiving Dinner

Some of us are so busy we can’t slow down long enough to cook a traditional, fattening Thanksgiving dinner. So if we’re in a bind come next Wednesday, where should we pick up a Thanksgiving dinner?

Knoxville Veterans Day Discounts and Freebies

For their honor and sacrifice, the least we can do on Veterans Day is offer up a free meal or discount. Read on to find out where active military and vets can score free goodies on November 11th.

Your Favorite Cheap Date Destination?

Whether the men want to admit it or not Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What might usually be an expensive date for some, Cupid’s recession arrow will more than likely have many Knoxvillian’s seeking a more frugal evening. What’s your ideal itinerary for a cheap date-night out in Knoxville? Photography by Javier Volcán

Happy Independence Day from Knoxify

Happy Independence Day from the Knoxify crew! We hope you’re out celebrating and enjoying this special holiday. We’ll be back next week with a new Friday question. Photography by *Micky

Catch-all Phrase of the Year: Happy Holidays

A recent letter to the editor of the News Sentinel from Jennifer Ward has me thinking again. This Christmas I made every effort to say “Merry Christmas” to anyone I came into contact with. I did this because Christmas is the holiday I observe. I cannot recall an instance where I did not receive the[…] Read More »



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