Your Favorite Cheap Date Destination?

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Whether the men want to admit it or not Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What might usually be an expensive date for some, Cupid’s recession arrow will more than likely have many Knoxvillian’s seeking a more frugal evening.

What’s your ideal itinerary for a cheap date-night out in Knoxville?

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  1. Well the good thing is there are so many great affordable date-worthy restaurants in town. I don’t know if this would be my choice for Valentine’s Day, but I’d be happy with dinner at Naples and pool at Barleys or Urban Bar … but then again I am the consummate cheap date.

  2. Find an extravagent recipe that you normally wouldn’t cook. Go to the Fresh Market and buy all of the best ingredients and then cook it up at home, together. It will be a fraction of eating at a nice restaurant. much less crowded and maybe even tastier! The only downside is the clean up.

  3. I’m all about going to Movies 7 – aka the dollar movie theater that really costs $2 – and then getting a few slices at Roman’s Pizza next door, which is maybe my favorite pizza in town. Depending on how much pizza you can eat, you and your sweetie get a night out on the town for about $20.

  4. The first step to a cheap date is the Knox County Schools coupon book. $5 off at a ton of restaurants around town.

    @Suzy – I’ve been a Roman’s regular since the dollar movie was still a dollar and showed brand new movies. Love it, and great recommendation for a cheap date!

    When the Mrs. and I are looking for cheap food and a good time, we usually go for Mexican. Either SoccerTaco, Chez Guevara, or Casa Don Gallo, then coffee at Borders or B&N. Looks like we’re on the same wavelength as @sadcox with the bookstore angle.

  5. OK, so I’m a bit late on the Friday question… I suppose a week late… but who’s counting, right?

    Being a college kid on a very tight budget, I would have to say that a good, cheap Valentine’s Day date would be strolling at Sequoyah Hills or UT Gardens, day or night! For a good dinner, I’ve always been a fan of the Bistro downtown or Moe’s. Everybody loves Moe’s. Show me someone that doesn’t and I’ll show you someone with deformed taste buds.

    I LOVE the bookstore idea. It’s so cute, coffee is readily available and you can have great conversation. Kudos to you guys.

  6. Get on your magic carpet and try Holly Land Market located @ 3609 Sutherland ave. 525.4659. Great Middle Eastern food and HUGH portions. Try the dagwood sandwich…hummus to die for…

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