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September 20, 2014

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The Board Room

Knoxville has a brand new snow / skate / wake shop that is carrying the coolest board sports gear and apparel around.  The Board Room is open now, but their “official” Grand Opening is going to be next Friday, October 17th.  Support this local business by stopping by this week or for their special Grand Opening and get a fresh high five from the crew.

Inside The Board Room

The Board Room has focused a lot of their merchandise on fast-rising and independent board sports companies.  Rather than bringing you the traditional Burton or The North Face gear and apparel, they’ve sought out some exciting new brands from across the country that are sure to send you out with a unique style that’s all your own.  Their snow and skateboard selection will blow you away.  For all of you two-plankers out there, don’t fret.  The Board Room has the hookup on the sweetest skis, boots and bindings.  I even saw a hilarious shirt that I might have to get for my wife, which simply said “I am a skier.” on the front.  Hahah!

Not only do they have a slick looking store with a cool atmosphere, the owners and employees are some of the nicest and most knowledgeable people that I know when it comes to board sports.  Owner Nathan Phillips has put together an elite crew of experienced riders who can answer ANY of your questions and provide you with the information you need to get the best setup for your skill set and preferences.  They truly are there to help!

They’re open Monday through Saturday (closed on Sunday) from 10am to 8pm and located in The Village shopping center on top of Bearden Hill (right next to Calhoun’s).  Stop in to get a fresh high five and check out all of the new gear, chill on the couch and play s.k.a.t.e on the Xbox 360.

Here’s all of the details I know you’re looking for:


Phone: 865.851.7982

6513 Kingston Pike, Suite G
Knoxville, TN 37919

You can also connect with them on Facebook & MySpace.

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  • bcknoxify

    Never Summer..? What a brand to bring to TN. Never Summer is the Jam, my wife and I are huge supporters of this Denver Brand. Love to see someone keeping it grass roots and true to the sport of Snowboarding.

  • Looch

    @bcknoxify: I love their boards! They’ve got some sweet designs and I really want to try out that new R.C. (Rocker & Camber) technology that they’re putting on some of their snowboards.

  • Bill Jenkins

    Unreal!!! NS finally makes it to Tenn! This is the best board I have ever had! I cant wait to get in there and get the new Evo Re-Curve
    I might have to get those sick new RK Flux Bindings… I see the banner hopefully you have them!!!!!! I need new boots…will be in to check out what you have…Awesome a real shop hits Knoxvegas!

  • JAO

    Glad to see the Board Room shout-out! Nathan has done it right with this one- great video selection, cheap stickers, tons of snow gear and apparel- not to mention the super awesome Board Room t’s. Another plus, they have a legit selection of Sector 9 and Never Summer longboards- perfect for the parking garages downtown.

    For the snowboarders out there, you need to drop by and pick up ‘Double Decade’ by Mack Dawg. It’s a must have DVD this year. Can’t wait for “That’s It, That’s All” or “Under The Influence” either! BR has it all!


  • nikk craig

    this place is really awesome. they have a lot of great products. i plan on going here for my snowboard needs!

  • Jeremy Cook

    Love the concept and I need some new bindings so I’m already there. Although I must say they need some HELLIFINO APPAREL in there. LOL, had to plug our company!(Contact Jeremy 865-384-2037)

  • Andrew Puckett

    This place rocks! The skis there are by far the best choices around. Line, Palmer… this place is sick. They even have the softgoods. Two thumbs up!

  • Maggie

    The store is great and has a lot of cool stuff!! I will be by soon to check out new items :)

  • Matt Cooke

    Hey whats up you guys? im Matt! the kid who won the ZERO board on 94.3 in May! Ive been spreading the word about u guys! Hope 2 seen u soon

  • Matt Cooke

    Thanks 4 the Board

  • GiloRex

    Awesome store with great brands. Got my Nitro Snowboard package from you this year and not only was the price below internet pricing… but i got a real person. Keep it up in Knoxville.

  • Eliottld

    Just left the Board Room great experience friendly Knowledgeable people. Go in and see them.



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