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  1. Asia Cafe on the corner of Central & Callahan. Take 75N off 640 to exit 110, turn right. They have Chinese, Thai & more and it’s all amazingly delicious.

  2. If you want to eat where the Mandarin Chinese eat, then Hong Kong House is the only place in town. Malaysian Chinese dine at the House of Dragon and UT students wanting basic home cooking go to Dynasty, but don’t order from the Menu.

    P.F. Changs serves up the best American Chinese food in town in regards to their attempt for authenticity.

    Unfortunately there isn’t a single Cantonese Chinese restaurant in town. Cantonese style is what’s found in the Chinatowns of our major cities.

  3. Lemongrass in Maryville or out near Cedar Bluff has some of the best thai food I’ve ever had. Plus if you dig sushi, their Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll is one of the best sushi rolls out there. If I have a friend who’s a little wary of trying sushi, this is a good roll to start them out with. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t agree this is one of the best rolls out there. I think I’ve decided where I’m going for lunch now…

  4. Asia Cafe! They have Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian. When I first saw they did SO many different styles I thought perhaps it might not be very good or authentic. Boy, was I wrong! Their food is simply amazing!! The staff is very friendly and helpful, too.

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  6. Oh, all of you “Taste of Thai” folks… Next time head around the corner to Lemongrass and give it a shot.

    My husband has spent time in Thailand and China and has a passion for good curry. We go to Lemongrass everytime and get take-out at least every other week. (At least, when we’re not shopping at Sunrise Mkt and making it at home!)

    LG also has a wide variety of sushi, made fresh!

    **Lemongrass is Thai, not Chinese… sorry if I wasn’t clear about that.

  7. Glad to hear based on these posts there are FINALLY some descent asian restaurants in K-town. That was my biggest gripe about the place, lousy overpriced restaurants and very little “authentic” food. I’m a former UTK student who now lives in the SF Bay Area with soooo many good asian restaurants, and they are sooooo cheap. Like a vietnamese sandwich for $2.25 in Oakland Chinatown…. awesome. And there are not just “chinese” restaurants, there are variations from the different provinces, like shandung and shanghai and hunan and szechwan and taiwanese, to name a few, in addition to the usual cantonese sea food and dim sum. I’ll be visiting K-town this summer for a couple weeks and I’m afraid I might starve to death! What about vietnamese and korean and japanese food in Knoxville? Anything yet?

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