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    Since I mentioned it, my vote goes to Big Ed’s. I haven’t found another large pizza outside of that place that I can eat in one sitting. Good pizza but probably not good for my arteries.

  2. I love Tomato Head’s pizzas. Their homemade crust is excellent and my favorite is the smoked salmon, pesto and goat cheese pie.

  3. For me, it’s a tight race between Big Ed’s and Dazzo’s on Gay Street. Big Ed’s…well, I don’t even need to explain. Dazzo’s is true New York style, the crust, the toppings, the cheese…Yum!

  4. I think it was on this blogs recommendation that we tried Roman’s. Well, too late. We had already been to Dazzos. If you want real New York pizza it is the place. I am drooling just think about the Pizza Cristina which is back gralic crust with fresh tomatoes, basil and mozarella. Mmmmmm….

    I also love Tomato Head pizza and Barleys but Dazzo’s is the place with true Italian Pizza.

  5. I like Barley’s pizza alright, but sometimes their tomato sauce seems a tab overherbed. I want to try Dazzo’s now!

  6. Big Ed’s is my favorite – will drive to Oak Ridge during a OR high school football game and wait in line outside in 20 degree temp for 2 hours to eat.

    Pizza Kitchen, Barleys, Mellow Mushroom for the pizza craving, beer, and location, location, location – midwest, downtown, west. Tomato Head for lunch. Romans for a slice.

  7. For the best pizza in Knoxville I would have to go to Little Joe’s as my first choice. Whenever I have a reason to be in Oak Ridge I always stop by Big Ed’s. The only thing I hate about Big Ed’s is no real plates or silverware.

  8. Harby’s, Dazzo’s and Barleys (yum = black bean, feta and pesto). And some props to Davinci’s for being cheap and greasy and delicious and open very, very late.

  9. My favorite ever is Little Joes. It is a very unique pizza. That and the breadsticks.. Yum. I don’t get to go often because my husband doesn’t like it much. My kids teethed on those breadsticks and I went all the time when I was in high school. Extra cheese, pepperoni and canadian bacon. YUM YUM YUM

    I like most pizzas though 🙂

  10. Just tried Hard Knox Pizzeria in Western Plaza on Saturday night – this place is amazing. Individual 10″ pies, wood fired at 850 degrees, out in about 10 minutes or so. All pizza lovers definitely need to give this place a shot!

  11. Have to second the Hard Knox props! I’ve never met a pizza I didn’t like, but this place is extra good — fresh ingredients, great crust, nice folks. Also try the Hard Knox Salad. Yumms!

  12. Yeah, I’m gonna have to roll with Hard Knox too. Been open less than a week, and I’ve already been there twice. It has kind of a silly name to match its silly boxing theme, but don’t let that and the uncomfortable stools turn you off. They are cooking up some of the best pizza I’ve had. Neapolitan style. Maybe it’s just new, and I’m buying into the hype. I dunno, I’ll get one for dinner and consider it more.

  13. Bleached and bromated flour w/ ashe. This flour is designed for conveyor belt ovens. thats what you find at Hard Knox. Its not “true” neopolitan pizza. Hes supposed to use No ashe non bromated w/ a wood burning oven. Fresh “Buffalo” milk not domestic cow. Nice family business though. wish them luck. He has no competition in Knoxville… Yet! plastic silver and foam plates must go. keep the fresh ingredients.

  14. Crazy Pizza Guy
    You are correct. True Neapolitan Pizza uses 00 flour, buffalo mozz, san marzano tomatoes and parmigiana reggiano, and is baked in a wood-fired oven which is approved by the VPN.

    At Hard Knox our intent is to create a Neapolitan “style” pizza experience by using a wood fired oven, fresh ingredients and 10-12″ pie.

    We were all trained by a pizziaola who was trained in Naples by the masters. He would never would have approved the flour if he felt it was inappropriate.

    Also we would never claim to be strict Neapolitan Pizza. If so, instead of $6.95 for a basic cheese pizza the price would be more like $10.95. A price that I would think would put us quickly out of business.

  15. If I were voting best pizza in Knoxville, I would have to say Mike at Carrabba’s Italian Grill makes the best wood fire pizza. We have been eating his pies for years, and I’ve yet to find someone who can make a better one. Although, Hard Knox is pretty good and so is the organic pizza at Earth Fare in Bearden. Just saying…

  16. A couple of places I haven’t heard mentioned that I think are deserving of a look are 1) Venice in Oak Ridge, near The Grove. Kind of a hole in the wall but their pizza is fantastic, and 2) Stephano’s on the Strip. Their whole-wheat crust is to die for.

  17. For a long time I would have said Metro Pizza in Maryville (I know, not technically Knoxville … deal with it), but I just got my hands on a Hard Knox pizza the other day and it was phenomenal. Easily the best pizza in town.

  18. I like Big Ed’s but it’s more about the destination than the pizza for me. Mellow Mushroom and Barley’s are good but my favorite is The Pizza Kitchen, hands down. Recently I haven’t been able to get enough of the Spicy Chicken Ranch – good stuff.

  19. It’s a toss up between Harbys and I Love NY Pizza next to the new Rush off Chapman. NY Pizza also has a variety of other homemade italian dishes like ravioli and eggplant parmessan to name a couple. If you’ve not eaten a pizza there you’re missing out.

  20. Hard Knox all way. Just right: not gloppy, saucey, gooey or greasy. A nice light touch. Very delicate but filling.

    Also I think the decor is adorable: efficient but doesn’t look it–feels welcoming. Also the owners are adorable.

    Davinci’s was really good, but has gone downhill: the sauce tasted terrible last time (I am from NY and I know my thin crust NJ/NY pizza…it was perfect at first, a great deal. But kind of blah and not worth it anymore)

    Dazzo’s–great pizza when we were there last: over a year ago. But pizza’s too large for two people and nothing smaller is available. NO SLICES in the evening, even though the menu suggested they would be available. Finally: absolutely the WORST service and attitude in Knoxville. I adore their eggplant parmesan *almost* enough to go back, but not quite enough to deal with snarky service.

  21. Sorry about typos and punctuation: I wouldn’t write this, but I don’t feel like getting called out about it. I tend to hit resend without rereading. Do not let this stand in the way of agreeing with me!

  22. Personally, I love Harby’s, the food & shabby atmosphere, but you guys are crazy if you think they’re the best pie around.

    I frequent almost all of the places mentioned on here, except for Hard Knox, which I must try now 🙂 But I really can’t say that any of them blow others Pizzas out of the water.

    For most unique, I’d have to say DaVinci’s & Stefano’s. DaVinci’s uses a sweeter tomato sauce which is interesting taste, and Stefano’s uses a grain crust which is healthier & tasty.

    For me, Pizza Palace is probably the best. I’m a 6th gen New Yorker, from the same area as Dazzo’s owner, and while I think his stuff is okay, it’s definitely blander than good NY Italian food. Plus, even the same recipes used in different regions aren’t going to taste the same due to the different properties of municipal waters.

    For value, I have to say Oscar’s or Papa Johns. I don’t care much about cost myself, but if you do, keep in mind some of those $20+ pizzas around town are only marginally better than a $10 one from those two joints.

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