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  1. Check out Pay’n Dues (I’m sure I spelled it wrong) behind Fisher Tire on Broadway. I have one piece from Baker there, and I’ve seen a lot of work that he and his wife Melissa have done on a number of people including several friends. I was really happy with the care taken to make the tattoo what I wanted, and all the work of theirs that I’ve seen is truly beautiful and well done.

    I’d also recommend Saint and have two pieces from them. Corey put a beautiful pin up girl on me. He was very willing to work with me on what I wanted and understood what I was talking about when I wasn’t satisfied with his original drawing of my idea. I really respect the effort and care he put into giving me what I wanted.

    My next piece is going to be done at Pay’n Dues, though in the future, while I’m in Knoxville, they and Saint will likely get the bulk of my business.

  2. My wife Lindsay got her first tattoo at Saint Tattoo on Broadway from Anna. She draw a wonderful design and was very professional.

    I plan on getting my first tattoo from her as well.

    Lindsay and I highly recommend this place!

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