Best Steak-in-a-Sack in Knoxville can be found at Sam and Andy’s

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This is my favorite sandwich spot in Knoxville! I love going here for lunch. They have awesome sandwiches and are usually packed. Located out in West Knoxville, what today is known as Farragut, it’s in a shopping center called Aspen Square (between Lovell Road and Campbell Station Road on Kingston Pike). There also is a Sam and Andy’s off Broadway but I frequent the one out West much more. This place serves American cuisine, but they are known for their burgers.

There are so many things special about this place. The Tennessee Volunteer Décor, with the big orange booths, the autographed pictures, the pellet ice, or maybe it’s just one of the owners named Johnny who always can predict what I want that day. This is the place my Dad and I always go for lunch. This is another home away from home for me. This place has been part of the Knoxville Volunteer world for years.

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11110 Kingston Pike #165; 865.675.4242

Noteworthy: Casual; great for lunch; Vol Burger; Steak-in-a-Sack.

Pricing: Under $10.00

Yelp Rating: 4

My favorites are: Vol Burger, Steak-in-a-Sack, Philly Cheesesteak, Club Sandwich, or just a simple Turkey Sandwich. If you order the Vol Burger Special it comes with french fries. The french fries always come out crispy and delicious. The onion rings are really great too. If you want to substitute onion rings for french fries just let them know when you order. I never really go here for dinner. It is my lunch spot, for a quick lunch that hits the spot especially after a long night out. If you have the urge to have another cold one, they also serve beer. Sam & Andy’s is definitely a must try. I usually have to box half of my food up because the portions are very large. They serve the best Steak-in-a-Sack in town! Many of the sandwiches here are steamed (Hoagie, Reuben, Italian Sub, etc.).

The Vol Burger is a juicy 8 ounce beef patty. It’s your choice if you want cheese. The burger comes with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on it. I typically sub mayo for mustard. Yum. This burger is great before a football game, after a day on the lake, or simply for take-out.

Vol Burger

A Steak-in-a-Sack sandwich is ground sirloin, onions, peppers, lettuce, tomato, and a homemade Greek dressing all stuffed in pita bread. This steak resembles a Philly cheesesteak because the sirloin is shaved so thin. Talk about delicious. This is a must try! If you have never had the joy of trying a Steak-in-a-Sack, you must do it. There used to be a place in town called Little Italian and that was where I first experienced a Steak-in-a-Sack. You cannot find this sandwich anywhere around town that is as delicious as it is at Sam & Andy’s.

Everything I have tried here is very good. The owner cooks and takes your order. He is exceptionally nice. One time I placed a to-go order, went inside and paid. The owner saw my dog in my car, and asked if she was hungry, to which I replied, “Always.” I remember that day I had no idea what he was going to do. He came out to my car with what honestly looked like it could have been a pound of deli sliced turkey. My dog became very fond of Sam & Andy’s that day. They also have the pellet ice (you know the kind that you find at Sonic), which I think is awesome and it makes the drink that much better.

The Grilled Chicken Salad is served with chopped iceberg lettuce and you get your choice of dressing on the side. It is a big salad.

The Club Sandwich has layers so large it will make you question whether or not you can fit it in your mouth. Can you taste the challenge?


Last week I tried the Spaghetti. I had been curious about it for years. It comes with a salad and bread. The sauce is really good. I would definitely order it again. As good as the spaghetti was, I still prefer the sandwiches. There are always daily specials so make sure you check the specials board when you arrive.

This place has been my Knoxville sandwich joint for years. Yes, it is extremely filling. FYI, go hungry. Very hungry. Otherwise, just get a box to take it with you.

Your food will be announced to you, for example “Vol Burger Special w/extra pickles,” that’s what Johnny, one of the owners, always says over the microphone while he looks right at me, letting me know it’s mine. You pay at the end, and just to let you know he only accepts cash. There is an ATM inside in case you need it. I typically spend around $10.

If you have the urge to watch an intense basketball game, football game, or watch Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon battle it out on a racetrack to see who is the better speed devil, then the answer is Sam & Andy’s. I know you will love this place. Now, I can’t stop thinking about a Vol Burger. See you there!

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  2. That burger looks goooooooood!! Hamburgers are my very favorite food. My first hamburger was in 1942 (now I am telling my age!!) and it has been my favorite ever since.

    Great review!!

  3. I always order the club, I have taken people there and I always warn them with a question of “are you sure you are up to it?” when they attempt the club

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