Citizens step up to change Knox County government

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The public has spoken and decided that structure in Knox County government matters. Today, a letter was published in the News Sentinel signed by a Steering Committee to Knox County Commission with separate charter amendments attached asking them to place the amendments on the ballot and informing them that they are starting the process to certify a citizen petition drive in case they do not act.

Goal of Campaign will be to keep it simple – focus on Reform Knox County

  1. Eliminate nepotism and conflicts of interest – ending the backroom politics
  2. Eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse
  3. Make the County Commission more responsive
  4. Make the County Mayor more accountable
  5. Utilize $8.9 million in County fees more effectively each year

The Proposed Charter Amendments for Commission Placement on the Ballot will be divided into 9 Separate Requests:

1. Legislative Branch Nepotism, Conflict of Interest, Responsiveness, and Accountability

1a – Restrictions on Nepotism.
1b – Conflict of Interest on voted matters (disclosure and recusal required).
1c – Beginning in 2010, no Knox County employee may serve in a Knox County elected position. (Note: this change begins immediately if citizen petition required).
1d – Restructuring County Commission to electing one representative per district and two at-large with staggered terms in nonpartisan elections (beginning in 2010). (Note: this change actually results in the voters having a greater impact on Commission, electing 3 out of 11 rather than the typical 2 out of 19).

2. Executive Branch Conflict of Interest; Waste, Fraud, and Abuse; Cost Saving, and Accountability

2a – Conflict of interest on administrative matter (disclosure and recusal required).
2b – Establishing an Independent Office of Inspector General.
2c – Establishing the number of signatures required for a citizen-driven Charter amendment at 15% of the voters in the last general election (beginning in 2010).
2d – Appointing the Fee Offices (beginning in 2010).
2e – Appointing the Register of Deeds (beginning in 2010).
2f – Appointing the Law Director (beginning in 2010).

If you are interested in learning more, check out the web at Knox County Petition. Do Good!

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