County Commission Interview: Kathy Bryant

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Kathy Bryant sent her answers in to us as she pursues County Commission Seat A in District 6.

1. Introduce yourself to Knoxville, who are you, and why are you running?

Kathy Bryant My name is Kathy Bryant and I am running for County Commission District 6 Seat A. I entered this race in response to events of almost a year ago Jan.’07. As I watched and read about County Commission’s appointments and the brokering that placed individuals in office, I was greatly saddened. In the 21st century, citizens should be inspired by those in office not disillusioned. I offer my district a fresh perspective. One that comes from my experience raising 2 children, being involved in the public schools through PTA, working for Tennessee’s Early Intervention System, a state agency that educates and supports families whose children, birth to 3, have developmental delays, and being actively involved in the political arena at the state level for many years through the East TN Council for Children and Youth as President and Legislative Chair. I have never run for public office, but I am confident my enthusiasm and desire to serve the people of District 6 will allow me to be a good and faithful servant. I feel all citizens should feel a sense of pride as they exercise this important “right to vote” they have been given.

2. We think it’s better knowing what not to do rather than having an extensive plan. What areas or interests would benefit Knox County not to venture into?

1. One area that sticks out in my mind is in regards to the Sunshine Laws. Knox County elected officials need to adhere to the laws and stay away from changing them until they know they do not work. So much time was spent by individuals stating the laws did not apply to Knox County that I don’t think the intention of the law has been attempted until now. We need to be patient.
2. Public officials need to stop infighting and political posturing. Positive results can not be accomplished if individuals are not willing to find common ground and respect each other for what they might bring to the discussion. Government belongs to the people and it is their interests that should be most important.

3. What 5 things could you not live without?

1. God
2. My husband Bob. He inspires me to be better than I am.
3. My children, Adam and Lee. Oh the lessons they are teaching me.
4. People in my life who affirm who I am and what I do.
5. Opportunities to serve others privately and publicly.

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