County Commission Interview: Matthew Jones

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Matthews Jones is the first person to reply to our Knoxified e-mail questionnaire. He is running for Knox County Commissioner of the 6th district.

1. Introduce yourself to Knoxville, who are you, and why are you running?

Matthew JonesMy name is Matthew Jones and I am campaigning to become the next Knox County Commissioner of the 6th district. I am married for 6 years now to my lovely and supportive wife Bridget, and have two young children Brittany 12, and Turner is about to be 3. My family and I attend First Baptist of Powell, and my children will both attend Powell schools. I am a juvenile probation officer for the Knox County Juvenile Court and I have been working with the youth and families of Knox County for about 6 years now. I am 29 years old, attended Fulton High School and went on to graduate Maryville College with a B.A. in Human Services in 2000. Why am I running for Knox County Commission? I want to be the one making the decisions that effect my children in my community everyday. I want to have a voice in my government, and I want the citizens of my district to have that same voice. I want a commissioner who is going to be available and welcoming when I have concerns that need to be addressed. I will be there for all of the people of the 6th district. I am tired of hearing about the torn commission and how many votes the sheriff has and how many votes the mayor has and never hearing about how many votes the people have. I am working to bring this government back to you and to me. I am not a politician, and I am not here to begin a career in politics. I want to serve as your commissioner, and serve well, and move on with my life. I want to say that I was part of a monumental chapter of the history of Knox County by fighting for honesty and integrity and a new day in Knox County Government. Please get to know all of the candidates for what is going to be the most important local election in the history of this great county, and when you choose your candidate get out there and support them. There is a reason that the same representatives have stayed comfortably in office for so long. They are hard to beat, but we are trying, and with your help we will give you your government back. Please visit my website at and feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you might have about my pursuit to become your voice in Knox County Government.

2. We think it’s better knowing what not to do rather than having an extensive plan. What areas or interests would benefit Knox County not to venture into?

I do not have some magic plan that is going to instantly correct where our county has gone astray, but I firmly believe that the people of Knox County are ready for change. Our biggest obstacle now is to earn back the trust of the citizens of Knox County by presenting completely open government and holding those who have damaged our trust accountable. I am interested in answers, and action, not talk. I can honestly say I don’t know exactly what issues we do not need to approach, but I can say we need energetic, ELECTED, honest, hard working men and women to lead us where we do need to go.

3. What 5 things could you not live without?

What are five things I can’t live without? Here they are in order from most important to least important. Our Lord’s love and guidance, my children and family, my freedom and independence, my work ethic and drive, and of course food and water. Beyond these things everything else is a bonus. The first two are self-explanatory but I will help with the others. Freedom gives me opportunity, and work ethic gives me what I need to take advantage of that opportunity, and if I work the food and water will take care of itself.

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