County Commission Interview: Tim Greene

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Current Commissioner Tim Greene gladly answered our Knoxified questionnaire.

1. Introduce yourself to Knoxville, who are you, and why are you running?

Tim Greene My name is Tim Greene, 45 and I was born January 14, 1963 to Bennie & Betty Greene of South Knoxville. I have two brothers, Todd and Ted and a sister, Tina. I attended Gap Creek Elementary School, Doyle Middle and Doyle High School where I played center on its football team. I graduated in 1981. While at Doyle High School, I met and dated Sally Pickens, a cheerleader. We married on June 15, 1985.
I am the owner of Betty’s Florist since 1983 and Co- owner of Sally’s Alley, a clothing store with his wife since 2002. Both businesses are located on Chapman Highway at Hendron’s Chapel Road in South Knoxville. I have been with the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department since 1985 and have served on its board of directors. I presently serve as its Secretary- Treasurer, a position I have held since 1996. I am Co-owner of Knoxville Floral Delivery Service since 1997.
On January 31, 2007, I was appointed to serve the remaining term of the term limited Larry Clark who made the recommendation to appointment me and the Commission accepted. I have served with the highest regard for my fellow South Knoxvillians as well as my colleagues on Commission.
My interests include boating, golfing, and spending time with his family.
Why are you running? I want to run for office because I think one of the most important opportunities is to serve in public office. I feel through this office I can continue to help make a difference in our community. My family has lived and worked in Knoxville for over five generations. I own a business in this community, my family owns a farm and I have served our community through volunteer activities. I want to make sure that we continue to create a foundation that works with businesses and creates an infrastructure that allows us and future generations to achieve the dreams of a great community. I believe that in Knoxville anything is possible.

2. We think it’s better knowing what not to do rather than having an extensive plan. What areas or interests would benefit Knox County not to venture into?

I would not be interested in creating a government that drains the tax payers of their local dollar with no eye toward the future. I think in Knox County we need to bring solid business principles back to running the government. We need to have a detailed plan for growth, a plan to fund that growth and an eye toward creating opportunities for individuals to be successful within our community both personally and economically. I think we need to continue to believe in the people and ideas of Knox County. If you look at the success we have had in the past with business locally grown and the assets we posses (University of Tennessee, Tennessee River and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in our back yard). Every citizen should feel that in our community you can thrive economically as well as live in an inspiring place. I want to focus on the assets and maximizing the opportunities for steady and sustained growth that creates a great community.

3. What 5 things could you not live without?

1. Wife, Family and Friends
2. Afternoons on the Lake
3. Coffee and the morning newspaper
4. A good Hamburger
5. A hard days work

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