Favorite Local Hotel or Inn?

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Hotel St. Oliver near Market Square. Photo: timekin

We recently had a couple of future Knoxville residents ask us where they should stay while looking for a new home. We knew of a few places but since we sleep in our own bed at night we didn’t have a great answer.

What are your favorite Knoxville hotels and/or inns?

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  1. The Hilton is a national chain, but it has a really cute, comfortable lobby and a decent restaurant and is in a great downtown location. I use the lobby all the time when I have to meet someone, even though I am not staying there. Hilton’s quality is generally good as far as my experience in other cities goes.

  2. Before moving here, we loved staying at the St. Oliver. Cute, quaint hotel, great service, and perfect location right at the corner of Market Square!

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