Getting Real with Knoxville Insurance

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You may be surprised to see that the author of this entry is me, Casey. With Brandon being the local insurance mogul he would seemingly be a better fit to tackle this one.

Not the case.

Brandon approached me several months ago about launching an insurance-centric blog for his company, John Bailey Co. Gut reaction: BORING!

However, once I connected a few dots in my scattered mind I began to put 2 and 2 together.

My conclusion: what a great way for potential and current customers to see the people behind their insurance policies.

There are already a few legends in this area of customer service. Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, leads the global customer satisfaction parade by offering both a company blog and Twitter-centric website.

Locally, Suzy Trotta has impressed me by putting the “real” in real estate. Sure, she wants your business, but she also wants you to know what kind of person will be handling one of the largest investments you’ll ever make.

In the coming months I encourage you all to keep a watchful eye out for The Bailey Post. Brandon has his team of employees – which includes his Baby Boomer Dad who serves as President – ready to show the world a new side of insurance. In an industry that has seen little change in the past, this is the most innovative customer service effort I’ve witnessed to date.

Unless of course the Aflac goose is your homeboy.

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  3. Thanks for the love today. Suzy keep up the good work! The Bailey Post will be a work in progress, but we will find the right niche. Our goal is to show culture, inspire growth, support Knoxville, and talk about the things that move the industry. Me plan to focus more on the project rather than than the sell…we are creating a relationship, which is what we are about – people.

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