I-40: Then and Now

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Alright Knoxville commuters: Think rush hour traffic on I-40 is bad now? Imagine if there were only four lanes like the above I-40 photo from the 1960s.

Can you can guess which famous Knoxville exit is pictured?

Brian Parton’s Flickr photos of I-40 circa 1960 have long been some of my favorites; however, recently flight paramedic, Rick Harring, has sweetened the deal.

Taking advantage of some spare moments in the sky during April of this year, Rick snapped current shots of I-40 and combined them with Parton’s archival scans. The result is a “then and now” look at one of Knoxville’s major thoroughfares.

View either of these photo series:

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  1. Wow. The old versions are beyond my years. In my lifetime, Cedar bluff has always been what it is now. I can’t imagine it! Thos photos show it looking like parts of the i-40 through Campbell County.

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  3. Then and now….that to me is what is exciting about this place. What can be done next? Great post Michael, welcome aboard!

  4. Post

    @CP and BCKnoxify – Thanks, and I appreciate the opportunity.

    @Doug McCaughan – My brothers have shared stories of my mother dropping them off at that Putt Putt for an afternoon of fun.

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