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We’re back with another installment of the Knoxified Friday Question. A $25 parking ticket received on Tuesday, February 12, for not backing into a spot is the subject of this weeks question.

What’s wrong with not backing into a spot on the 100 block of Gay Street?

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  2. It is a foolish law, but I believe the purpose is to avoid people backing into traffic when leaving their space.

    Basically allowing the driver to pull straight out and better see traffic when exiting and avoid any possibility of missing any oncoming traffic when backing out.

    If I understand correctly it is technically illegal for anyone to back out of a driveway, etc for the same reasons. I believe the law states that drives must pull into oncoming traffic or enter traffic lanes in a forward direction, though I have never seen a anyone get a ticket for backing out of a residential driveway.

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  4. “Reverse angle” given all the homeless hanging out, who can think quick enough to read the sign, and back in, while dodging 20 Knoxville panhandlers. My mistake, I parked incorrectly, but come on….what a joke! Next time I will just drive to Turkey Creek.

  5. I live on the 100 block, and it drives me CRAZY that people do not follow the simple rule of parking backwards. First of all, there are signs EVERY FEW FEET telling you that that’s the rule. Second, it is easier to park that way than it is to angle your car all weird to get it in there frontward. Third, it is easier AND SAFER to pull out when you’re facing forward (as you would be if you backed in). I have no sympathy for people who get tickets, because the rule is clearly identified all over the place. And, I dont know if you are kidding, but the homeless people dont block the signs, and people on the 100 block or the bridge rarely panhandle. Yes, they loiter, but they’re harmless. And generally nice. And it’s quicker to back in than it is to pull in forward. It’s quicker to get out that way, too.

  6. Em, good points. Your neighborhood just like any hood has a flow and I simply didn’t follow those rules. I am upset, but over it now. Downtown excites me, I love what has been created and can’t wait to see what it looks like a year from now. As far as homeless goes, it seems I am always asked to spare change and it just gets old, but then again I am only a visitor and never had any major problems.

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