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  1. Pilot because they have crushed ice in their soda dispensers. Except for around Christmas because then Wiegels has their Eggnog, and I’m an eggnog-drinking fool. So, 80% Pilot, 20% Wiegels… that’s it for me!

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  3. Depends on my attitude and the experience I want, both places lend an experience and culture. Everybody needs gas, necessary evil. Two kinds of people in K-Town, Weigels and Pilot, like Coke or Pepsi.

  4. Pilot if I’m not going to the Kroger’s that’s down the road. Victor, I go to church with the Haslems. It’s weird when Jim Haslem is your usher.

  5. Weigels on the corner of Ebenezer & Gleason – it always smells like the summers of my youth in there – something to do with the old ICEE machine maybe

  6. …and as long as we’re on the subject, ICEE’s can’t hold a match to the “real deal” that is SLURPEE! (if they did, they’d probably both melt)

  7. Wherever I have lived in K-town, Weigels has always been more convenient than Pilot. Currently, the Weigels at Weisgarber Rd. and Lonas Dr. suits my needs on the way home from working out in the mornings.

    @Missybw – I’m with you on the Egg Nog thing.

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  10. ZOMG – luchauer is so right about the Slurpee goodness… I miss it so! The 7-11 down the street fm my office had 8 flavors – 8!!!! Icee never has that many, anywhere! I really need to go to Florida – soon!

  11. Missybw,
    You could also choose to go to Roanoke, VA and get one. My best friend is from there and can you guess what the first thing is that I do when I pull into Roanoke? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not go to her house 🙂

  12. Weigels all the way. Pilot kicks my amex card out one out of two times at the pump. The Weigels at Ebenezer and Northshore is the best! We go through 5 gallons of milk of Weigels milk a week; thanks for the milk card.

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