Knoxified: Top 10 News Sentinel Stories of ’07

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Knoxville Drought Cow

Yesterday, the News Sentinel released the Top 10 local stories for 2007. The lineup came courtesy of an on-line poll from (I voted, did you?). Although many of the top 10 were good stories, here is my Knoxified 10 best.

  1. Christian-Newsom killings: I’m still baffled as to how this didn’t make national headlines. Hate crime anyone?
  2. Sunshine and term limits: Did any other story make local news station more than the Sunshine trial? Sigh…
  3. The Knoxville porn star and the Tennessee trooper: Admit it, this was a funny story. And the pink Honda she cruises town in is the icing on the cake. Fo’ shizzle, Barbie.
  4. Red light bull’s-eye: The story that melted servers. Thanks Michael Silence.
  5. Pit bull attack: Brandon wrote about this issue here.
  6. Come see the show: Haslam is stepping up not only as our leader but as a citizen. Kudos.
  7. Dude, where’s my lawyer?: Dude, when’s the RA doing his walk-throughs?
  8. Switching schools: Was this a mess or what? And what’s up with the “Academy” landing in the Hardin Valley school name?
  9. Butts and bucks: One of the best things our TN Governor has done during his tenure in office.
  10. Taking a breather: I could make a comment about resuscitating a cockfighting chicken but I won’t.

Photography by Paul Efird

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