Historic Fourth and Gill

Unique architecture originating from the 1880s and 1940s are what make historic Fourth and Gill one of the most charming destinations in Knoxville.

Historic Fourth and Gill lies about a mile north of downtown and the UT campus on the east side of Broadway. Fourth and Gill is easily accessible by I-40, I-275, and Broadway.

One of Knoxville’s oldest historic neighborhoods, Fourth and Gill gets it’s name from two of the streets that intersect there, N Fourth Ave and Gill Ave. The neighborhood started life as one of the city’s “streetcar suburbs” and many of its homes were designed by two of Knoxville’s most renowned architects, George F. Barber and Joseph Bauman. Although it was allowed to fall into neglect during the latter half of the last century, the area’s historic preservation is now in full swing and many of the approximately 280 buildings in the neighborhood have been renovated.

Fourth and Gill is an eclectic neighborhood as well as an historic one. Structures there date from the 1880s to the 1940s and include not only single family homes, but also several duplexes, a few apartment buildings, 3 churches, and 1 former school. There is a good bit of architectural variety on the whole, but most of the homes in Fourth and Gill are Queen Anne or Craftsman style. if you want to know more about the history and architecture of the area, check out the Fourth and Gill Neighborhood Web site.

One great feature of the Fourth and Gill area is that it is very walkable. There are sidewalks on just about every street and there are businesses, parks and churches within easy walking distance. Residents looking for a little R & R can take a stroll to the Fourth and Gill Park on Eleanor St, while veggie and organic foodie residents can walk across Broadway to the Three Rivers Market, a natural foods co-op. And there’s no need to designate a driver when Fourth and Gill residents can simply walk to Sassy Ann’s on Fourth Ave, a long-time Knoxville favorite for live music and libations that is as neat to look at as it is to get down in.

If residents don’t mind hopping in their cars or on their bikes, they can make the short trip downtown to shop, eat and play. New businesses are opening all the time on the newly revitalized Market Square and there is a thriving seasonal farmer’s market there as well. Over on Gay Street, folks can enjoy a movie at the new Regal Riviera Theater or a live show at the historic Tennessee Theatre.

Fourth and Gill is currently zoned for Beaumont Elementary School, Vine Magnet Middle School, and Fulton High School.

  • a historic home in a tight knit community
  • something close to downtown
  • a walkable neighborhood with sidewalks
  • easy access to a public park
  • Fourth and Gill Park
  • Fourth and Gill
  • Fourth and Gill
  • Fourth and Gill

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