Conveniently located in downtown Knoxville, this cozy neighborhood has an abundance of cottage-style homes dating back to the 19th century.

Mechanicsville is just west of Downtown, easily accessible via University Ave to the west, Western Ave to the south, 5th Ave to the north or I-40 to the east.

Old Mechanicsville is a small community with lots of history. It gets its name from the factories that surrounded it from the late 18th to the early 20th centuries and the factory workers who settled in the community starting in around 1880. Industries located in the area included the Knoxville Iron Company, the Knoxville Brewing Company, Knox Standard Handle and W.H. Evans & Sons, suppliers of fine Italian marble.

Today historic Mechanicsville contains perhaps the largest collection of 19th century architecture in Knoxville, including several Queen Anne and Italianate houses, as well as many smaller cottage style homes. The area is still very much in transition, and while some of the homes have been restored to their former glory, others are still waiting for urban renewal to come their way. Homes are priced according to the level of restoration they’ve undergone, so expect prices to be somewhat disparate.

Since it’s located so close to downtown, hungry Mechanicsville residents can take a very short drive and enjoy some sushi at Nama on Gay Street or head over to Market Square for pizza at The Tomato Head. Another short drive gets residents to the UT strip, where long-time Knoxville favorite The Sunspot is always sure to please.

Old Mechanicsville is zoned for Maynard Elementary, Bearden Middle School, and Fulton High School.

  • a very affordable fixer-upper in an historic community
  • a neighborhood in the beginning stages of urban renewal
  • a home with lots of character
  • easy access to Downtown or UT
  • Mechanicsville
  • Mechanicsville
  • Mechanicsville
  • Mechanicsville

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