Sponsor Love: Companies That Support Us – Nov 2010

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This month serves as a milestone for us here at Knoxify.com. In December of 2007 we launched this local news outlet with no goals or aspirations in mind but we did have one belief: Knoxville is a great city and we should share it with the world.

As Knoxify turns 3-years old we’re looking back on the sweat equity several of us have earned. More importantly, we earned it with the help of many great people and businesses. Here are a few that we would like to thank for their support in November.

ORNL Federal Credit Union – For 3 years now we have strayed away from pounding the advertising pavement. With sponsors comes a relationship and a lot of responsibility. We decided that our first major strategic partner would be ORNL FCU and we haven’t regretted a single second of the endeavor. Our duty is to shine a light on what makes Knoxville great and local businesses are a major part of that. ORNL FCU is no different and we’re fortunate that they have supported us over the past month and excited that they will continue to sponsor Knoxify in the coming months.

Designsensory – DS has been a sponsor for quite some time now. With them, we built the relationship first and embarked on a partnership later. For nearly all of 2010 DS has helped us redesign the site and enhance the image of our brand.

michaelwender.com – Designsensory imagineered our new look. Michael Wender engineered it. The user experience you get from using the site is all because of michaelwender.com and he continues to partner with us on other technical aspects surrounding the site. MW has also graciously contributed content.

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  1. I think it’s great that you are supporting local business and they are supporting you. I am new to the area and run a small business and am loving Knoxville and the kindness extended by all those I encounter. Great blog! I look forward to using your blog to learn more about this great community!

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