SugarSave Helps Knoxville Businesses, Charities and Your Wallet

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Not The Wee Course but a course no less. Photo: JPDC

If you’re looking for epic deals in metro areas like Atlanta, Chicago and Boston, then your only real choice is Groupon. But what if you’re a little Knoxvillian?

A group of locals have launched their new site, SugarSave, to help not only your pocket book but also help Knoxville businesses and charities. Their goal is to help local business owners gain brand exposure by offering deals on their services and/or products to people like us. After we ravage through the sugary deal, a certain amount of proceeds will be distributed to local charities.

Today is go-day and on the tee is a great deal for The Wee Course at Williams Creek. If you like to swing the ole spoons head over and snatch up a couple of rounds for you and the buddies.

We wish nothing but the best to the guys behind this great idea and want to thank them for bringing the group discount model to Knoxville. FORE!

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  2. Sugarsave, sadly, is not run by honest Knoxvillians. They have cheated out of contracts by faking bankrupcy and owe people money. Do not patronize or use this site if you value integrity in business.

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