A Stationery Design Company Right Here in Knoxville

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Looking for a stationary design company that is innovative and different? Look no further than The Happy Envelope. One of the best in the business and they are located in the Knoxville area.

The brainchild of Sarah and Ty Pattison, I venture to say no where will you find a better place for stationary, announcements, or thank you notes. These two are dear friends to the Knoxify staff and they just moved from their home office to a store in downtown Clinton.

The wife and I made it for their grand opening celebration – the store reminds me of something straight out of New York, quality job. If you are in the area drop by sometime and if you are looking for holiday and New Year cards check them out on the web.

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  1. @Franklin: thanks for the input, we post the links in hopes that the info you are looking for may give more insight. If we didn’t have real jobs, we would be able to give you more….hope you will stop back by.

  2. oh I will, these do on occasion get motivated to seek out the things you post. I know its just a stationery store but, I would have loved to see some more pictures and maybe a street location link on google maps to see how far out in clinton I would have to drive to get there.

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