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Last night we flipped the switch to move Knoxify to a new host, Surpass Hosting. We are hopeful that we will have better uptime with our new provider.

Update 1: Neighborhood Google maps should now be working.
Update 2: ‘E-mail this Post’ is now working again.

A few issues we’ve noticed and are working to correct:

  • Neighborhood Google Maps – The neighborhood guides are throwing an error related to the Google Maps we embed. We will have to tweak a plugin to get it back up and running. No ETA on the fix.
  • E-mail This Post – Inside individual post pages, the “e-mail this post” form is acting quirky. If you’d like to e-mail a post while we work on a remedy for the error, you can do so by using the “ShareThis” link and clicking on the “Send/Email” tab.

If you find any other bugs please let us know by using our contact page. Thanks for your patience.

Creative Commons License Photo by C’bou

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