We’ve Landed, Again

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Landing Strip

Welcome to our new home (aka domain). We decided to rekindle a previous domain we had purchased a while back. Hopefully our new Knoxify.com URL will be easier to remember for you. If not, we’re sorry. We’ll buy you a beer.

Stay with us as we modify the theme you see to something more fitting for us Knoxify-boys.

Photography by zizi guegan

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  2. Has anyone ever told you guys that you are ridiculous? Take that as you like it. Good work here on Knoxify. I’ll try to add here a little. Gridiron Burgers is paying about $18.75 per square foot down there on Gay Street. That may seem a little stiff for downtown since others are asking $14, but take a look at Casey’s beloved Turkey Creek. A 3,000 square foot burger place out there would be at least $6,200 a month if you got lucky, now THAT is a lot of burgers. Downtown or Turkey Creek, the battle continues. You can rent a gorgeous office space on Market Square from me for $6,120 or the same size out in Turkey Creek for $8,976, that’s with free parking. You walk to the movies at Riviera from your abode downtown at The Gallery Lofts for $220 per square foot, or walk to the movies at Pinnacle from your place at The Cove at Turkey Creek for $265. It’s all up to you. Which one is more hip? Which one is nicer? Which one has a better future?

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