Who is your favorite local radio personality?

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Morning and evening commute’s around Knoxville can be a boring crapshoot at times. But they can be livened up if you’re tuned in to a local radio show.

Folks like Hallerin Hill, Andy & Alison and Doc, Jeff and Heather can ramble on for days and keep you listening. Which leads us to ask:

Who is your favorite Knoxville radio personality?

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Comments 15

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  2. 2 main categories:
    Non-sports: Gotta go with Phil Williams. He’s an institution in these parts.
    Sports: Chalk up a vote for Tony Basilio.

  3. Toss up between Hallerin and Phil. Love sports radio but turn it off when they cut from Colin Cowherd’s show at 11. Can’t stand local sports radio.

  4. Tony Basilio and Will West together in the mornings would kick butt as a Sports Talk Radio Team. I think with a new coach, why can’t we shake up the talk radio world as well?

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