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  2. @nhollensbe was just telling me about this the other day. I think its every Sunday night that they play, but I could be wrong.

    I’ll send him a link to this post and see if he can spread the wealth of knowledge that he has on the subject.

    Oh, and BTW…I hear that these guys are “official”…they have jerseys!!

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  5. We host it every Sunday night…starting around 10 or so. Usually 7 people on each team…5 outs per person…essentially it is a wiffle-ball home run derby. We have cones set up in the outfield…make it past them, HR, don’t, and it’s an out. Defender can knock down line drives too, to prevent a HR. We have our own t-shirt (jerseys). Anyone wanting to play may, though there may be a wait…winners (champs) stay.

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