You Tell Us: Our First Video Blog

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On Set

As we reported yesterday, we’re all geared up to take on video blogging. However, during a conversation last night with Brandon, we realized we were short on topics other than the Knoxified Friday Question.

So, we’re looking for you to tell us what topics you’d like to see. But more importantly, where should we video blog from? Should we call Rob & Big for guest appearances to make our videos more entertaining?

What say you?

Photography by maratimba

Comments 9

  1. as far as locations, you find the extremes of knoxville, a la discovery channel: the tallest building, the deepest cave, the middle of the biggest lake, the longest bridge, ect. you could really help people learn about the city we live in.

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  4. Harold’s Deli? Right next to Nama…? Dewhirst needs to hook a brother up, heard from a bird he has the key to the underground…big rats and loose floor, bring it on – let me in!

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