Your Friendly Knoxville Car Mechanic?

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This question came from one of our awesome Twitter followers, Chad Parizman.

Finding an honest, hardworking mechanic seems to be getting harder and harder these days. Do you have a local favorite?

Who do you rely on for your wrench-turning needs? What makes and models to they specialize in?

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  1. Auto Technicians on N. Gay Street, between Magnolia and Fifth. The. Best. Mechanics. I’ve seen just about every kind of car in there, so I think they could handle most American, Japanese, and European cars. And if you work downtown, you can walk to your job after dropping off your car for the day. Paul and Judy are the salt of the earth. If you go, tell them the Weasel’s wife sent you. (Long story.)

  2. Dang it. Bupp beat me to it. Auto Technicians by far is the best mechanic I have ever used….besides Bupp’s husband…but I think he only works on motorcycles that he has totally dismantled.

  3. I’m hesitant to answer because it’s already hard to get in because he’s so busy, but Mike Human of Human’s BP on Western is the most honest and trustworthy guy in town. I’ve been a customer for years and will support him as long as he’s around.

  4. After seeing my reply, I feel the need to say, it’s not HARD to get my car worked on when I need it, it’s hard to pull my car physically into his lot! He’s always promt and helpfull with scheduling me!

  5. I love Rick at Autoworks off of Dutchtown. As a single woman, I feel like he treats me like a daughter and gives honest advice. He has twice sent me to other mechanics who could do a specialized job cheaper than he could. Love him!

  6. I love RT Clapp on Magnolia. They are timely, friendly and reasonable (I always check their prices against a place owned by family friends in Michigan); and they explain everything to me (someone who knows nothing about cars) in a clear, concise and respectful manner.

  7. If you have a Honda and live out West, you cannot beat Ken at Knoxville Ultimate Automotive on Middlebrook Pike (not too far from Cedar Bluff or Lovell Road).

  8. Mike Human’s BP on Western is the absolute best! He is honest, fair, treats EVERYONE the same, and he is the hardest working person I’ve ever met. Never overcharges, and always does what’s best for the customer.

  9. We go to Harvest Auto Center & Express Lube at 2221 Cumberland Ave. Josh the mechanic is honest, listens to me and understands cars inside and out. He’s close to the UT campus so its really convenient too!

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