Where To Find Ethanol-free Gas in Knoxville?

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UPDATE: Michael Silence has a great list here.

Short and to the point. You know the drill.

Where in Knoxville can you find ethanol-free gasoline? Our small engine equipment thanks you for your answers.

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  1. Rob Shomaker

    I heard that the Conoco on Kingston Pike close to Gallagher View sells it, but I haven’t gotten over there yet to check it out.

  2. Rob Shomaker

    I went and checked out the station I mentioned earlier. I think it was a Conoco/Philips but of course I didn’t think to look. I guess I was just too excited that the sign out front read “100% Gasoline.” 8831 Kingston Pike right across from Rice GMC.

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    1. OneLighthouse

      Non-ethanol gas is needed for small engines, such as the ones needed to do lawn work, etc.  Most lawn equipment has been ruined by ethanol.  When the industry started the ethanol gas craze, they forgot about small engines until now.  Manufacturer’s of small engines are now doing research to make the equipment ethanol resistent.  Does that answer your question?  Do a little research on your own for further verification.

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  5. Lo

    Car’s run more efficiently on 100% petro than a petro-ethanol mix. Ethanol was initially a substitute for MTBE, a fuel additive that initially replaced lead to increase octane content, but has recently been phased out because of groundwater contamination. The recent boom in ethanol production can be attributed to subsidies and gas price shocks (2005 era, not now). Those subsidies reach different points along the logistic chain. One form is a 15 cent credit per gallon credit to suppliers for mixing ethanol. In an economic climate where demand remains weak, lower fuel prices in a competitive market erode profit margins. This could explain why more stations are mixing ethanol in their petro currently. There is not consensus in the scientific community about net-energy balance and total GHGs resulting from ethanol production, especially in the areas of greenhouse gas debt of land use change due to corn conversion.

  6. Howie

    Spring Hill Market on Rutledge Pike near I-40 is the last Knoxville station with 100%, as far as I know. The Sunoco on Tazewell Pike went 10% last week (not by choice).

  7. Rick m

    Halls general store, 1.5 mile west of 72 on 322 (Sweetwater-Vonore Road and Oak Grove Rd. intersection) has it, right now the price is $3.15 a gallon.

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  8. Jigi39

    Absolute 8311 Kingston pike sales 100 percent gasoline.our phone number is 8656914677. We have 87 and 93 octane for 100

  9. Mad Max

    A new weigels is opening soon at
    Western Ave @ Palmetto Drive (Cumberland estates subdivision entrance, across from bowling alley) that will be selling 100% gas! Yea!!!

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