Ain’t No Time To Sit Down: Review of Generation of Vipers’ Dead Circle

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Generation of Vipers

What do you think of when you hear the term “post-metal”? My best guess is that 99.9999999999% will retort a truly esoteric “huh? Whuzzat?” According to the bastion of truth that is Wikipedia, post-metal is “…broadly characterized by distorted guitar, heavy atmospherics, gradual evolution of song structure, and a minimal emphasis on vocals.” Yup, that about fits.

Generation of Vipers is not only the best post-metal band ’round these parts, but also one of the best metal bands. Period, no further discussion. Their sound, epic in width and breadth, is truly unique, whilst still retaining an ear for what’s relevant in the scene.

Epic. That’s a pretty good descriptor. Their latest album, Dead Circle, is a bit deceiving. You’ll glance at the back, see there’s only five tracks, and ponder why “that fool online” said it was a grandiose album. Deceiving, I say, because the album clocks in at a whopping 48 minutes and 19 seconds. Hell, that’s longer than the latest Pearl Jam album.

Typically, I break down the ‘shining gems’ on each album, but I’m not going to do that this time. Dead Circle is an album that you should put in your stereo / iPod / yourmusicvesselofchoice, plug in your headphones, and focus on the music.

Photo courtesy of the band’s website.

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