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  1. @knoxify Both Bistro by the Tracks and just plain old Bistro have delicious burgers and sweet potato chips/fries!

  2. The Downtown Grill and Brewery – I love their Santa Fe burger. That is hands-down my fave burger in Knoxville. Also, it’s priced well, I can hang out there for a few hours and have some beers with my burger. Almost like being in my backyard but no mosquitoes and no cleanup.

    5 Guys isn’t bad, but is really only good for a quick meal.

    Littons is just too overpriced for a Burger and Fries meal, and I never get a “sit and hang out”vibe there.

  3. Lindsay and I tried Litton’s when we moved to Fountain City, but were a little underwhelmed. It was crazy crowded, and the burger just didn’t justify the price in my opinion.

    5 Guys makes a great burger, but being in Turkey Creek makes it hard to get to.

    I think the best burger is the one you make yourself on a warm evening. I recommend the recipe from Cooks Illustrated, which I made on Memorial Day.

  4. Big Fatty’s has a very good burger – I usually get mine with blue cheese and sauteed onions, then I liberally add Texas Pete’s hot sauce. Yum.

    And, while I am not a fan of Ruby Tuesday’s food in general, their Smokehouse burger is pretty incredible.

    Mostly, though, I agree with Patrick – I have never had a burger in a restaurant that compares to the burgers I make at home, which are absolutely delicious.

  5. I agree with the Bistro, though on the other end of the spectrum, Sassy Ann’s has a really good, cheap burger. Chyna is right, though: burgers grilled at home are far superior to any restaurant’s.

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  7. Litton’s used to be the best, used to be a whole lot bigger burger. For my money, the place to go to again and again, its gotta be Vic + Bill’s. Something about the combo of their burger and fries.

  8. I’ve always liked the Steak n Shake double cheeseburger. I eat twice as many now with the buy 1 get 1 coupon on their website


  9. I have to vote for Sam and Andy’s in Farragut. Five Guy’s fries are the best though.

    My lovely wife says Gridiron (which I agree with) but they closed, so she says Aubrey’s now.

  10. Big Fatty’s has one of the best burgers in town, without a doubt. And I do love the diner flavor of the Five Guys burgers.

    But Northshore Brasserie has hands-down won my burger lovin’ heart!

  11. I have to agree with dggivens, the burger at the Brasserie is second to none. But given the choices, I’ll have to go with Litton’s. Although 5 Guys is great for a fast fix!!

  12. You’ve not tried ours or you’d know 🙂 1/2 pound Angus, made to order, never frozen, fresh from the butcher down the road…Moondollars burgers are the greatest!

  13. Will have to say Littons, pay a little more for it but it’s worth the extra $$. Five guys was very lackluster, ordered a double hoping to get a big juicy burger. After watching the cook take out 2 small one – two once balls of burger & squish them out to the thinness of a krystal. The taste was very bland also. Will have to give them credit for the overflowing bucket of frys though.

  14. I lived in Knoxville from 1987-1991.

    And to this day, I still make a yearly trip from Nashville just to have a Litton’s Chili Burger.

  15. If you think Littons is a good burger you must not have any taste. Everyone says how great it is. Burger King has better burgers. Littons was dry and nothing to make it stand out at all. Don’t waste your time or money.

  16. Living in Holston Hills I’m really digging the food culture scene that is developing. Scott’s Place has a fantastic burger and deli menu. Aubrey’s on Straw Plains does a great job and Monday is burger and beer day for $10. We’ve got great Mexican with Habanero’s, pizza at the Pizza Palace, bbq and soul food at Chandler’s, and meat and 3 at The Lunch House. Y’all check out my side of town.

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