Have you seen coyotes in Knoxville?

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Beer, booze and bars, man those coyotes sure can get wild. Wait, we’re not talking about Coyote Ugly Saloon? My bad.

What we are talking about is all but urban legend in Knoxville. Coyote sightings. According to this tweet from Brandon earlier in the week, coyotes have been spotted in Knoxville. Hog wash? You tell us if Fluffy the cat has gone missing in the middle of the night.

Have you seen or know someone who has seen a coyote in Knoxville? Serious as a heart attack.

Photo courtest of Jitze Couperus.

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    1. Was heading out of town this morning at 2:30 and had one cross the Weisgarber I-40 on-ramp right in front of my truck. Just stood on the side of the road looking at me like he belonged there.

      1. On July 13, 2010 at approximately 11PM – I saw a coyote at the corner of Chilhowee Drive and Wyndcroft Drive by the storm sewer. When I turned the corner and he looked into my headlights he ran in front of me and headed east.

    2. I heard a whole pack of them in the woods behind my house last night. I live just off Schaeffer Road in Hardin Valley. It was an eerie sound, like kids screaming or something. I Youtubed the sound of Coyotes and that was exactly what I heard. My dad lives maybe 5 miles away and he lost a sheltie to coyotes last year. He found what was left of the body a couple hundred yards from his house. He hired a trapper and killed seven, yes, seven coyotes. He lives off Yarnell Road by the way. So keep your dogs and cats inside, especially at night. I have heard they can scale a ten foot fence in rare cases so just having a fence may not be good enough. Fortunately, attacks on people are rare but I still wouldn’t leave kids unsupervised after dark.

    3. I live in hardin valley and see them in the woods behind my house early in the mornings, always in sets of two. Several of my neighbors have reported hearing the howling and seeing some in the adjacent fields. My husband called Tennessee wildlife and they said that they were unable to do anything about them, even in residential areas, but suggested that we shoot them. I was a bit surprised to hear that advice, but that’s what they said! Good to know others have also been seen around the area, thanks!

      1. We moved to fountain city recently, since then weve meet the neighbors run away pig, not the small pot belly pig either. No full grown sow, a few pet roosters, then my favorite wild rabbits, deer momma and babys, little foxes, then coyotes, and now wolf’s. It seems the more trees cut down and more houses built the more we see of coyotes, wolf’s

    4. I’ve lived in Knoxville for 16 years and I’ve never seen a coyote until now. There were 2 coyotes in our backyard at 6:30am. We live next to Arrowhead Subdivision. I was shocked.

    5. I live off Rutledge Pike near the interstate and saw two coyotes last night. My dog is close to the same size and actually looked like it was playing with them. I scared them away by yelling at them.

      1. I live near Rutledge pike off loves creek in Spring Hill Villas. I have seen several coyotes in our subdivision late at night and sometimes around 4:30 in the morning. I hear them when a siren goes by – sounds like there’s a den over the hill from me.

    6. We just moved here about a month ago, and I have seen a coyote twice in the Dutch Valley area between Oak Ridge and Clinton. 100% sure that’s what we saw…

      1. Hello,
        Since your post was most recent I thought I would respond to it. The coyote population is increasing and our domestic cats and dogs are one of their favorite meals. I find it hard to believe but the TN wildlife management people do say that there is nothing they can do. I have a large dog but he is old and I would be worried it he were outside alone at night. I live in the Hesikell area and see a lot of flyers with lost pets. Something needs to be done, now.

      2. They actually do us a favor by keeping the rodent population down. Historically, when they were nearly eliminated we were overrun with rodents and because of that disease. I have small dogs and take precautions.

    7. Try this. I live on Kingston Pike near Scenic. Could hear a pack at night in the wooded section our back yard for a month. One morning observed one on our back lawn. They moved on after squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks had disappeared.

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  2. I heard some the other night, however I was out in Cades Cove doing a moonlight ride. So maybe that doesn’t count, but I really just wanted to be on the same comment stream as CP and PB

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  4. We used to have lots of red fox around here. Sadly, I don’t see them nearly as often anymore. I wonder if people confuse the red fox with the coyote. They are both in the order Carnivora.

    Now, odd things have been brought in on trucks that have passed through the Smokies. Once a black bear was hauled into the Home Depot in West Knoxville. The truck was unloading at midnight and it stirred up quite a ruckus.

  5. Lots of great tweets on twitter today around this issue. I have heard of coyote attacks and crazy stuff in Rocky Hill, this is a real issue…not to many people talking about it. BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT

  6. No coyotes, but I’ve seen a suspicious number of what I believe to be groundhogs in North and West Knoxville. Never, ever seen them before in my life until this summer/fall.

  7. Saw one in our back yard in Alcoa. There used to be a family nearby judging from the pups’ evening howling sessions, which is quite eerie if you’ve ever heard it.

    Have also seen them walking around Royal Oaks in Maryville where we lived for a while. There was a family somewhere nearby there, too.

  8. I believe there are some coyotes living in that old Waterhouse Property between Old Weisgarber, West Hills, and the KUB substation off Middlebrook Pike near Hillcrest west nursing home.

    I did see one about three weeks ago while camping at campsite # 20 on the Meigs Mountain Trail behind Elkmont. We’ve also hear them at night while camping for several years now.

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  10. Almost drove into one as it ran across my neighbors front yard and into the gulley across the street from our houses. Any tips on how to get rid of them?

  11. Jim Lee is right. That is exactly where the coyotes are living. I have had them run in front of my car going through there. The Wesley Rd. neighborhood has had them in there too. That wooded area there that he mentioned used to be a riding/boarding stable for horses, Weisgarber Stables. I am on the other side of Middlebrook Pike and we have coyotes.

    1. I live in Seymour, TN. and seen a coyote just yesterday morning. It ran across the road in front of me, into a field and just stopped and stared at me.

  12. There are coyotes in Sequoyah Hils. Several cats were reported missing in July and finally at least one coyote was seen in the neighborhood shortly after that. We have them on our farm in Louisville. My barn cat was grabbed by one. My dogs have gone nose-to- nose with them-it’s usually a standoff.

  13. Here are some things to consider: Are coyotes native to this area? Has the westward expansion essentially dropped homes in places where coyotes have lived for quite some time? Or have changes in their environment made it so cats are easier food than what they eat normally?

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  16. I think it is because the wooded areas are disappearing fast with too many subdivisions being built. They come out looking for food and more woods.

  17. I have seen three coyotes in the past year around Emory Rd./
    I-75 along the creek. I guess it’s a combination of habitat destruction and adaptability of the animals themselves. Not only have I seen the coyotes, but a variety of species that I haven’t seen frequently or at all around my house, including wild turkeys, raccoons and deer in my back yard.

  18. I think we may have both red foxes and coyotes in the Lyons View Community. Our property is divided from Cherokee Country Club’s driving range by the serpentine brick wall (which is broken) and we have seen foxes in the woods behind our fence as they come and go through the break in the wall. We hear howling from a pack each time a siren goes by, day or night, or just howling because that’s what they do and it’s driving our dog crazy. We lost a cat in May just before our fence was built. Who do we call?

  19. Note to the guy that asked about shooting coyotes.

    It would be extraordinarily dangerous to shoot at any animal inside the city limits because of the population density.

    I believe the City of Knoxville also has an ordinance against firing a gun in the city.

    Even a .22 caliber bullet will carry almost a mile. The danger arises not from shooting, for example a coyote, but missing.

    Who knows where that bullet could end up; you give up control of the bullet once you pull the trigger.

    1. Shooting of firearms in the city limit is illegal, however, you can trap coyotes with no problem whatsoever. There are also methods by which you can poison coyotes as well, but I don’t recommend this since it may also poison domesticated animals as well. There are specifics in the TWRA website.

      1. Poisoning is cruel! DO NOT PUT OUT POISON! what if pets/ birds/ other native wildlife gets in it??? GEEZ!

  20. My sister-in-law saw two running down her street earlier this month. She lives in Ft. City, a couple of blocks away from Litton’s restuarant.

  21. I have a firefighter friend who was stationed all night outside of the 5th Avenue Hotel the year someone tried to burn it down. Fires flared up all night long and the fire truck just parked there putting them out over and over. He saw a coyote jog down Henley Street in the early am. They are everywhere. They have cleaned all the outside cats out of my West Knox neighborhood. I hear them howling on the wooded hillside beyond my pasture with every siren that passes, day or night. Saw a huge one standing in the grass beside the Pellissippi Pkwy exit to Dutchtown Road late one night. My knee jerk was, “that’s a tall German Shepherd, what’s it doing out beside the road? Oh wait, (wolfy head) that’s a coyote”.

  22. Saw one today 1-4-09, East Knoxville while traveling west bound Rte 40 at the 640 merge in the field on the right 12:20 PM.

  23. My parents live in Halls (Emory Estates) and have a wooded area behind their house. They have seen a coyote a couple of times toward that area. I haven’t heard anything about it in a while though.

  24. I saw a coyote walking through the Baptist Riverside (formerly Baptist Hospital of East Tennessee) parking lot near the Henley Street bridge in October. I was so stunned, I called Animal Control and the operator told me that I was in fact not crazy and there are many coyote sightings in Knoxville. Ijams Nature Center isn’t far down the road.

  25. I don’t just have a sighting–I have a regular. I live in Clear Springs Plantation off Millertown Pike and we have a resident coyote (possibly denning in nearby underbrush) who hunts every afternoon around 4 p.m. Just passed him on my afternoon walk and wondered if I should avoid wearing my winter coat with the fur-lined hood, which makes me look like a large, delicious rabbit.

  26. A pair (at least) of coyotes is living on Keller Bend Rd. I spotted one near the old quarry on 1/5/09 at 8 am. My husband has seen them both several times. They have been here since summer. We walk 2 beagles on leash, but I’m a little nervous doing that at night now. I found something online for $60 (covers 4 acres) that is a battery operated device that broadcasts cougar sounds to drive off coyotes. However, it will also drive off deer, possums, racoons, foxes, etc. Still investigating it and other options. I want to protect the dogs, but I like the deer and foxes around.
    Phantom Enterprises Website
    I suggested to my teenage son that we download cougar sound files to the IPOD and play it while walking the dogs :-).

  27. I saw a coyote in my neighborhood in S. Knoxville (just across the river from downtown) last year. My neighbor spotted one a few weeks after that.

  28. We live close to Townsend and the Smokies and have seen them many places. There are packs of them up here, we hear them run the ridgetops here in the holler, we’ve heard them take down calves in Dry Valley and even our dogs bear their scars.
    They’re everywhere.

  29. We have them off Tooles Bend Road and our deer are now no where to be found where we had a fifteen plus last year. I saw one January 15th on my way to the airport around 5a.m at Tooles Bend and Northshore trotting along, stopped looked at my car and then went on.

  30. I live in Northwest Knoxville against Victor Ashe Park boundary and prior to and since the park’s completion we have had regular sightings of a single coyote. There were a couple of times in the last 10 years when we have seen two together. A week ago we heard our cat scream and she has disappeared. Her scream was different than when she was being attacked by the local toms. She was old and weak. She is gone.

  31. The last sighting I had personally was fall of 2008 and while I was sitting outside at near dusk, a coyote walked right up to 5 feet from me, and when he finally noticed me. he was not afraid – just stood there and looked at me. Coyotes are everywhere. They’ve always been here.

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  33. I live in the city.

    Anyone know the official policy on whether citizens can shoot coyotes?

    I haven’t seen one yet at my house, but the dogs in the neighborhood were going nuts the other night and I did hear a strange howl I’ve never heard before.

    So I want to be prepared if it comes to that.

  34. I live in Ftn. City and live near Cedar Ln. and behind my house is a larege wooded area with many houses near by. I see two big Coyotes about every night in my back yard. They are the size of one of my dogs who is a 35 lb. Border Collie. I want to get rid of them because many of my neighbors have small dogs and cats that are outside for long periods of time. They won’t heed my warnings to keep an eye on their animals so I want to do something about it. I know I can’t shoot the coyotes becasue I can’t fire a gun in the city. Can someone tell me who I can call to relocate them or get rid of them some how??? I would really appreciate any help.

  35. Hey Adam,

    I’m not far from you. I’m near Sterchi school. I’m all for relocating them or whatever we have to do. They will only get bigger or more hungry. Either way they’ll be more of a pest.


  36. Just want folks to know that I love the Coyote like most animals. I posted because the page requested sightings. I really have no negativity toward an animal that freely lived here and now has very little space to live. If we think about it, these fairly large critters do well in very small spaces; we rarely see or hear them. I’m sure one day they may become a real problem with no space, but they do help keep down the other critter production like rodents and possum, etc., etc. Coyotes really have been here for a very long time – they just don’t show themselves often. Foxes eat little pets too. Dogs will kill little pets as well. There should be a good balance – what that is, I don’t know.

  37. I will trade you 3 stray cats for one coyote( this is a joke) I am a birdwatcher and stray cats are catching and killing my birds!

  38. Can you build feeding ledges on any of your trees for the birds and squirrels to get the birds off the ground? Coyotes also will kill birds. This is no joke.

  39. I definitely saw one in a field across from where I work off Middlebrook Pike the other day. It was just sitting there bathing itself. Others have seen them around the office building as well.

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  41. Saw a coyote this morning wondering around the neighborhood as I was returning from the gym. Ran down through my yard and into the neighbor’s yard. Crazy!!

  42. Heard the most errie dog cry yesterday morning at 6am, thought a dog had been hit by a car. We went outside looking for it, but didn’t find anything. My other half said it sounded like a pack of dogs, like something you would hear from a scarey movie. We just moved to the rural side of Farragut. I used to like the country setting, now I’m not so fond of it. We’ve lost cats in the past, I suspected foul play, but told my kids, they probably got picked up, or ran away. Now, I’m worried about the chi wienie puppy we have, she’s about the size of a cat. Other than shotting them with a sling shot, what can be done to keep them away from your property? Any cases of them coming too close and trying for children instead of cats?

  43. You know, owls love cats and small dogs just like coyotes do. Large hawks will swoop and steal your little ones if they are hungry as well. My neighbors and I know that there is a family of coyotes and we occasionally throw scraps away from our homes so they have enough to eat and don’t search at our house. We have to remember that WE are on THEIR property. Fences work well. Humans have to realize that urbanization means just that and we have to figure out a way to incorporate that which WE are urbanizing in the animal world. There can be a very good balance.

  44. @Linda Moore:

    Not to rain on your parade Ms Moore but generally feeding any sort of wild animal around your house or anywhere else is not a good idea.

    Here’s a big bunch of reasons why but the most important ones are that it hurts the wild animals by reducing their ability to forage for themselves and it makes them less afraid of humans.

    “An instinctive wariness of people is important to a wild animal’s survival.”


    That’s one of the reasons they have all the “DO NOT FEED THE BEARS” signs posted all over the Smoky Mountains Park.

  45. Wondering what is thought of bird feeders, squirrel feeders, deer feeders, wild hog feeders? I am in total agreement of NOT FEEDING THE BEARS or ATTRACTING animals that may be harmed or harm humans; however I am in the practice of helping those creatures who are already present to make it through a winter where prey or food is sparse, especially so they don’t walk through the front yard looking for it and remain in the city park area to forage for their own.

  46. I saw a coyote this morning on my way into work. I saw it as I entered Solway, at the split. He was trapped in the grassy area, between coming and going traffic. He looked confused and worried. It was around 7:55 and traffic was heavy. He was trapped with no way out. Strangest think I’ve seen in a long time.

  47. I live on 22 acres about 0.2 miles from Melton Hill Park in Hardin Valley & saw a coyote like the picture above but a brighter copper color. He was walking across the property about 100 yards away from me. He saw me, stopped & we looked at each other & then he scampered into the woods. I was shocked because I thought a coyote would be smaller than he was. But it was definitely a handsome critter. He would be able to easily dispatch a cat or a small dog!

  48. I live in the West Hills area, very close to the old Middlebrook Stables property. I have seen several coyotes loping down Rockingham Drive. I have also seen foxes and wild turkeys. I feel thrilled when I see them; some wildness in my neighborhood!

  49. I’ve seen them, my neighbor saw 3 in her backyard and another neighbor lost a dog to them. Tooles Bend and Northshore.

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  51. I live less than a mile from South Doyle High School. We received a neighborhood letter warning in the Spring this year. Evidence was clear when we had no small wildlife to gather food, etc. As the temp began to warm up in the year, we saw one laying on John Sevier Highway, then I saw a coyote standing in a yard on Tipton Station Road! It caught my eye because the dog was so thin and it had distinct markings…Slowly, our squirrels have returned in various spots, so I don’t believe they are a problem on this end of town – for now…

  52. Sometimes when the Fire Dept. down the street sounds the alarm, the coyotes howl will out-howl the neighborhood dogs. Then the domestic dogs get all mad and excited about the coyotes and the whole neighborhood is soon barking. The dogs in the neighborhood don’t seem to like the neighboring coyotes at all. Northwest Knox @ Victor Ashe Park area

  53. One of my two cats has been missing from August 4th. “Silas” was an indoor/outdoor big size cat (3 times bigger than average). He was 7 years old. He liked to stay close to our house; normally in the front yard or in the back yard, but never more than a few feet away from our property. I was somehow witness of his death. I was sitting on my back yard around 4:30 pm with my kids when I heard a terrible sound made by the cat that did not last more that 1 or 2 seconds. The sound came just a few feet outside our backyard fence. I did not hear the cat struggle. It sounded as if Silas had been surprised by a sudden attack. I did not see a coyote but I can not think of another creature able to kill such a big cat without a fight. I never thought a coyote will get so close to our house in the middle of the day when we were outside. Unfortunately he has not been the only one missing in this Farragut neighborhood, this year I read 3 or 4 e-mails of people looking for missing cats. My next door neighbor’s dog was attacked two years ago. I am afraid they are going to take the most easily available food source. If the coyotes keep getting pets they are going to keep coming. I am also concerned that the coyotes will not only kill cats or dogs, but that they could also attack small kids. It looks like they do not get intimidated by human presence anymore. I found several reports about coyotes attacking kids and it worry me a lot.

  54. I hope that the coyotes find new places to live because the land movement for subdivisions all over Knoxville takes their homes and their hunting grounds. As long as I have lived in Knoxville, I have NEVER heard or found suppotive reports that children or adults here have been attacked by coyotes in Knoxville. Fences work well to keep them out, chimes, aluminum pans like in the old days, etc., etc., etc.,. Luckily, most parents don’t allow their young children out alone without close supervision. I’ve seen big white owls swoop down and take huge hares into the sky. Wildlife is amazing and it still goes on even when we move in on it.

  55. August 17, 2009
    Lone coyote spotted moving across the front driveway and lawn at Westminster Presbyterian church on Northshore Drive in West Knoxville about 7pm, crossing Lyons Bend into brush toward the river and Lakeshore property. Lean animal, moving confidently and without particular haste as is moved over this wide open area.

  56. I live in Karns and two nights ago I was outside and heard them calling, howling. I just moved here from rural Mississippi and am very familiar with what they look and sound like. The next night my neighbor’s dogs started barking and he saw a coyote right in front of my mailbox on the street. I have two small children whom I watch when they are playing outside, but it worries me that these particular coyotes are braver than the ones we have in Mississippi. The only one I ever saw alive when I lived there had rabies, (my father in law was able to shoot him). With no natural predators around here, they are free to multiply and feed on domestic and farm animals. I wish something could be done about the threat they are becoming.

  57. The other day I saw 2 Coyotes while leaving my neighborhood at Landmark and MIddlebrook . Tonight I heard one of my cats scream in the woods behind my house.

  58. I live in Emory Estates and tonight my husband and I were sitting at the dinner table around 7:15PM and we saw one run through our back yard then into our neighbors yard. My husband is an outdoorsman and has seen them frequently in the wild, so he was sure it was a coyote and not a domestic dog. We have seen the small red foxes several times, but this was as big as a german shepherd with a big bushy tail.

  59. Saw TWO today. One ran across Snyder in front of my van and the other was stalking in a horsefield near Canton Hallow. Never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen them myself.

  60. It is getting to be the time of year when their coats are most beautiful. I still can’t believe that people don’t know that coyotes are everywhere, just like deer.

  61. I saw one this past weekend in the field across from Weigels on Kingston pike between Watt and Everett rd. It was about 1:00pm, I got out of my car with my binoculars to take a look. He saw me and ran into the woods at the corner of Everett and Kingston Pike.

  62. My mother’s bf owns alot of farmland on both sides of Maloneyville Rd. near the Halls side of Tazewell Pike. I brought my new shepherd coy-dog mix there to play in the fields, and he said she looked like the coyotes he’s shot around there. He showed me photos of the coyotes, and they were gray and cream colored like my dog. They both told me that the coyotes killed pet cats, cornered and attacked his cattle at night and walked through his front yard. He killed almost 15 that year (2008). Also, they said that there are in fact wild dogs that roam the fields on the outskirts of Knoxville, but they appear very different from coyotes, and are much more rare of a problem than the coyote issue.
    This is NOT an urban legend! I would post pictures but he deleted them already, he doesnt see the need to keep pictures of hunted coyotes because they are not the same as hunting deer, he really considers them as a deadly pest more than a prize hunt.

  63. I have a regular in North Hills. It walks the trail down a drainage ditch behind my house. They drive all the dogs nuts.

  64. The little old lady across the street told me that she’d seen a coyote in our neighborhood at night, and I dismissed her story because I thought she’d confused a fox (a regular visitor to our neighborhood) for a coyote.

    BUT, a few weeks after she mentioned this, a reddish-brown coyote ran across Nubbin Ridge Road in front of my car. I stand corrected.

  65. Of course! Myth? What? I’ve seen them several times in various places in South Knoxville. My husband and his brother also hunt them. So far, they’ve only had luck in Seymour though.

  66. One night at my fiancee’s house I saw what i thought was a coyote skulking around their neighbors yard off Kingston Pike. I dismissed it as a dog (it was really dark) until about 3 nights later when a coyote ran right out in front of me while driving on Kingston Pike at around 4am in front of the ORNL there. Just stood there for about 30 seconds so I got a good look at it. No myth about it.

  67. So, 2 days ago, I was going to work and saw my pup wasnt in her house. Odd for that time of early morning. Then I saw. I can’t type the details, but in the field, across our road, in our field, my pup was dead. Alot of you people that think its cool that coyotes are about, she was a 9 year old Akita, strong and vibriant…coyotes attack in packs. She would have snuffed any one of them, even with her old age. She couldn’t. I have to guess there were too many. She was slightly over 100lbs. Coyotes are 20-40 lbs.

    I can’t claim that it was coyotes. I never saw it. They’ve been hipping and yelping around here for over 2 years. It’s their mating season, and yes, my pup was fixed by a vet along time ago. She is dead, on her own property, and we had to bury her. It was animals, from her wounds I know for sure., coyotes are heard almost every night.

    So anyone that likes to take pictures of them, think they are cool, just see if You can actually cuddle one, because my pup would have let you cuddle her.
    But we had to deal with it. STop thinking they are something missed or cute. She was on property she belonged to, and now she’s dead. She’d never bitten a soul, and never hurt anyone. South Knox County, if you people want to come take pictures of the newly introduced coyote. We’ve had them here for years and ignored their “beauty”, ignored them all together, “let it be” kinda thing… my pup was on her own property at the wrong time. Good thing the state says its open game for them. So you people that think it’s cool to see them… put up your pets, your children, yourselve’s, based on some comments, and come visit please. The murder is done but you can at least see her grave.

  68. JP… please respond. Lovely thread you have going here. Sorry to bring it back to life, but seems that you like seeing them. Just wanted u to know there is a miserably hurt side also.

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  70. wow, you almost sounded concerned. I said “JP” because u started a thread, and after reading it, I thought u should know what they are capable of… sorry to offend…and her name was Nikki.

  71. I just saw two coyotes (which means there could have been more I didn’t see) prowling around my apartment complex (Country Oaks) off of Papermill. It was around 3am, but they were definitely in hunting mode.

  72. Amazingly, I saw one savaging a dead deer on the side of Northshore during morning rush hour. I think there are quite a few in the Northshore, Wrights Ferry, Baddget, Tooles Bend rectangle.

  73. I live in West Knoxville and have seen 3 coyotes over the past few years. Just a few days ago I was getting on the interstate off Campbell Station Road and saw a scrawny coyote that had probably been hit by a car. It was limping and ran across Campbell Station Road seeking refuge in some bushes.
    A few years ago, a coyote ran across Parkside Drive in Turkey Creek. It was dusk and this guy did look both ways before he crossed the road.
    Prior to that, I saw one on Concord Road as the sun was coming up. All the development in this area has destroyed the wilderness the coyote once lived in and now we see them near our homes looking for food. A little bit frightening and also a little sad. It is also a reality we face alongside continued growth of our city.

  74. I just don’t understand how all of you people can find coyotes “cool”. They’re a menace. We had the deer virtually disappear here in south knoxville and the only reason coyotes came back here was because the deer finally came back. Now…the coyotes are a deadly nuisance. Everyone around here knows it and agrees with it. They need to be exterminated. They have plentiful populations around the globe. It’s not like they’re endangered or anything…

  75. We live out in West Knoxville and have seen a dead coyote on the side of the road (apparently hit by a car) as well as a live one crossing the road at night. Twice at bedtime we’ve heard a pack of them sounding like they were on the hunt. The neighborhood dogs went crazy, including my own. Not an urban legend.

  76. I arrive home late two nights a week. On two occasions I have seen coyotes on Martin Mill Pike in South Knox. Just last night there was a disturbance in the neighborhood. I have two dogs that sleep indoors. Both became agitated in the middle of the night. When I got up to investigate, I discovered ALL the neighbors dogs were barking. Today? Neighbor’s small dog gone missing.
    What do we expect God’s creatures to do when we build on top of them?

  77. I find it rather ironic that so many people seem surprised that there are coyotes in this area as my wife and I just moved to Lenoir City from Maryland last week and we knew they were in the area well before we purchased our home. Just so you;ll know, you have both red and gray foxes, as well as coyotes. You also have two different types of scorpion.

    Nonetheless, as humans, and therefore the top of the food and intelligence chains, we can adapt to our surroundings without the need to call for “someone” to come and “do something” about this so-called “problem.” Where I lived in Maryland, we were overrun with deer, thus you learn to be very careful when driving during the twilight and dawn hours, and quite especially during rut.

    Here in East Tennessee we need to recognize that there are at least three predators capable of killing our small to medium sized pets, the Red Fox, the Gray Fox, and the Coyote, and take the appropriate precautions to minimize or eliminate any threat to our pets these predators might pose. The easiest and most expedient solution is to keep pets indoors, especially at night when these predators become the most active.

    Large dogs, and dogs kept behind privacy fences should be well protected at night, but even these I should think should be kept indoors at night if for no other reason than for the creatures own comfort.

    Cats on the other hand should probably be kept indoors at all times. Not only are there a myriad of predators out there including stray dogs and other cats, but there is the cats single biggest killer, the automobile. Cats, particularly male cats, can have territories that range for miles and that cause them to cross many roads. One misstep on their part and fluffy isn’t so fluffy anymore.

    In any case, while I cannot categorically confirm that it is a coyote, I think we have been visited by one making his rounds each night since we have arrived. I have only caught a glimpse of it as it scurries away when I turn on the outside light and open the door, but it appears to be larger than a fox. Once I find my rechargeable spotlight, I’ll report back on my findings.

  78. Dear Bill and wife: I am so glad that you posted. I post and people get very upset for presenting factual statements regarding the fact that coyotes have ALWAYS been here; so have foxes, red and grey, owls, hawks, domestic dogs and other meat eating predators. Folks forget that a good sized hawk will seize rabbits, skunks, squirrels, rats, and cats. Owls, brown and white will seize the same. My dogs go absolutely nuts in their backyard every night at about the same time and it’s the coyotes that live around the neighborhood. They have lived here forever. I bet I have had 30 cats since I moved to the address I am at now. Only one got seized by our neighbor coyote. Lexy was sick and very old and within a week would have had her euthenized. Instead, the natural swing of things occurred and Lexy was seized. It was quick, it was a horrible sound, it was sad, it was amazing – all at the same time. I feel that when you lose an animal to life and you are sad; just go to the animal shelter and save another. Enjoy your new home in East Tennessee.

  79. I have a neighbor who’s beautiful Pigmy goat was killed by coyotes, he was a very sweet goat and everyone loved him. I miss seeing him terribly. I also know that my neighbors are missing him too.His name was Stinky. There have been other sightings for other neighbors also. We live in Powell, Emory near Collier Rd. I just want everyone to be aware of them and to watch your animals and especially your children.

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  81. I have lived in the same place in ftn. city for 25 years. there are many wooded areas around. the raccoon population kept increasing . the place i was relocating them to said no more. then they got too big to fit in the humane trap. i once went out on my back patio half asleep in the middle of the night to find myself surrounded by 5 big raccoons. i yelled and clapped my hands and grabbed a broom. one of them stood up on it’s hind feet and bared his teeth and hissed at me. it had big teeth. i was shaking like a leaf when i got back inside.
    once when i was in the check-out line in kroger the man behind me started up a conversation so he could brag that the four 50 lb bags of dog food he had were for the raccoons they fed by hand they were so tame and a bunch of them had just had babies that were so cute.he lived a couple ridges away from me it turned out.
    they started coming around during the daylight of early morning. i saw one tear up my beautiful cat that went out only during the day. they wrecked the vegetable garden. i was at wit’s end, and started asking everybody what to do. but i wasn’t mean enough to do what they said.
    Then my neighbor said there were coyotes coming around. i saw one only once a year or two ago. it was in the back field just moving on; it didn’t walk like a dog, more like flipping up it’s paws but keeping a smooth gate. it was small and yellow colored.
    long story short, maybe there was always coyotes, maybe there are more around now, but i haven’t seen a raccoon in some time.(knock wood). and that suits me just fine. balance of nature.
    my sympathy to you who have lost pets. i know the pain of that too. just remember dogs hunt in packs and pit bulls are more likely to kill an akita than a coyote is. but i don’t know about what happened there.

  82. We live in an old neighborhood just off Strawplains Pike in East Knoxville. Between the neighbors and ourselves we have lost 6 cats in two months and two neighbors swear they saw a coyote in their back yards. I have four young children who play outdoors in the woods daily – are my kids safe? One neighbor said she contacted animal control and was told they would charge several hundred dollars to set up traps and then would charge per animal caught. Is this true for Knox County or do our tax dollars pay?

    1. Post
  83. I live in Seymour and seen a coyote just yesterday morning. It ran across the road in front of me, into a field, and just stopped and stared at me.

  84. I recently moved to Knoxville from Middle Tennessee two years ago. I know that since the mid 1960’s coyotes have been a concern and have been moving eastward. We had coyote problems in and around Nashville for several years and had even had challenges or attacks in several parks in the metro area. East Tennessee has an abundance of wildlife and coyotes are present. I have not seen any coyotes since moving to Knoxville, but this past weekend I went on a back-country camping trip with a friend at Big Ridge State Park. We heard coyote howls at night, and where there is one coyote, there are many. These are very unique animals and they will continue to grow in population until they are effectively controlled. They feed off of most anything including, rodents, domesticated animals, watermelon, persimmons, apples, and even carrion, but prefer live prey. Just like any other wild animal, when they are provided with the means to eat drink and be merry, they will continue to thrive and survive. With so many wild animals moving into urban areas, it is always a great idea to be prepared. Don’t leave fluffy out at night unless you have to, always keep trash out of reach in a animal proof garbage container that locks (even raccoons can be a nuisance and can open just about anything!) and don’t leave food out for pets that these often misunderstood and unique animals can get to. By the way, it is legal to hunt coyotes year round in Tennessee.

  85. 08/27/2010 At 9:30pm I saw a coyote run right down the middle of Farrington Drive. I was in my front yard with my dog on a leash. The coyote ignored the noise and ran on.

  86. I saw one on Keller bend two weeks ago. It was huge! It walking out of the marble quarry! I hear them howl all the time at night. I also talked to a neighbor on Keller bend that has a bunch of dogs and he sees them all the time. I even had one growl at me one night when I was getting out of my car! It was scary!

  87. I live in a subdivision near Wallace Road and Nubbin’s Ridge. I can hear coyotes howling every night. They are directly across the street from my home. I am concerned about my dog even though she is only outside long enough to go to the bathroom. I have read a few other comments with Farrington, Northshore, and Rocky Hill. I wish it was deer. Deer would not bother our pets.

  88. coyotes are in knoxville, have been for a few years now though not as many as some of the rural areas. here in anderson co.we have had problems with the critters for about 15 years.the problem has not been with the larger livestock but with chickens goats and smaller animals like cats. some are fed up with the numbers of the dogs but theres not alot to do the animals are very elusive unless your not trying to hunt them.one thing that has helped is using an electric fence coyote high.while most city areas may not be able to use the electric fence some outer areas it can help plenty.

  89. I’ve personally spotted a coyote in our subdivision in South Knoxville right off Chapman and John Sevier. Not sure if it’s the same one, I’ve read they travel in packs. This one has been alone and I’ve seen it both times early evening hours.

  90. I just saw a coyote as I was driving home from work. It was walking across the front yard of a house on Bruhin Road in North Knoxville. Looked just like the one in the picture above. And surprisingly, it didn’t seem a bit concerned by all the cars passing by.

    1. Saw a coyote off of Norris Freeway. It was walking down the hill towards the creek just before you get to Raccoon Valley Rd. It was the first time I’d seen one where I was able to get a good look.

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  92. We saw a brave one a few weeks ago off of Deane Hill. He was on the sidwalk and we pulled within 3ft of him, he didn’t budge.

  93. Took our little Beagle out at l0pm Saturday evening here in Farragut, and in our next door neighbor’s yard was a coyote. Its ears perked up, it ran across the driveway at us. I got us in the house just in time.

  94. I saw one about half grown in Solway. It was in that brushy triangular median at the intersection of Pellessippi & the Oak Ridge highway. I saw it several times over the space of a week and it moved on.

  95. Dog got in a fight with one a few days ago (april 14th) in cumberland estates. I’m now hunting it just as I do for sport in west tn.

  96. It’s really ridiculous, I know it’s not Knox county, my dad lives in union, but just recently they’ve begun to see coyotes down there.

    It’s crazy because of where my dad lives, it’s not like they are being pushed from their habitat as nothing is ever being built down there. The coyotes have simply just over populated the area. He hasn’t shot any yet, but recently some of his cats have gone missing and now his dog won’t go outside after dark.

    They don’t see turkeys, deer or foxes any more. It’s awful. 🙁

  97. I am pretty sure I heard coyote Yelps at around 3am behind our house last night… we live behind the woods that go up to Midpark Rd. between Middlebrook Pike and Western Ave.  there are big power lines up there, and I’ll bet they travel the routes under the power lines, where there is lots of brush and no houses…

  98. my wife saw one in our backyard this morning as she watered the garden.  Our neighbor had told me one was around two days ago.  my wife was within 50 feet of the , which  showed no signs of aggression.   our only fear was that our idiot  Pomeranian might go after it!  we live off of Sandy Springs @ Old Niles Ferry Rd in Maryville

  99. I saw a coyote last night on my neighbors porch in Karns off Oak ridge hwy!!And I have chickens too!Now I know what happened to a few the other day!!!

  100. My family and I hear coyotes yipping across the street here in West Knoxville almost nightly. We didn’t think much of it but my nana had to sit outside with her Malamute last night because she saw a coyote pacing just on the other side of the driveway, yipping and staring at her dog. I’m starting to get really concerned for my animals’ safety. Any suggestions on what could be done sans shooting the coyotes?

  101. I live on Snowdon Dr. in Fountain City.  I saw my first pair of coyotes in our neighborhood a few years while delivering newspapers during the night.  More recently a young coyote walked out of my nextdoor neighbors driveway and stared at me as I got my mail out of the mailbox.  Another time, as I was in the driveway, late afternoon, telling guests goodbye, a coyote ran down the middle of the street absolutely stunning the neighbors who were walking dogs or jogging by.  I know of 6 cats who have disappeared in the last 1-1/2 yrs right around me….two of which were mine.  I know they were killed by coyotes…..they stayed right around my property, but often wanted to be out at night.

  102. I live in Teague’s Grove on Pedigo Rd and we hear coyotes howling some nights in the pasture behind our house.  I think that I saw one today, Oct. 9, in a yard as I was leaving the neighborhood about noon.  It looked like the pics on the internet, except much skinnier.  Very ugly,  scraggly animal.

  103. I live in south knoxville cruze rd area and we have had several coyote sightings. They have been out at various times of the day and we hear them at night. I tried calling twra but got no answer it was on a saturday. It’s illegal to shoot them (we are in the city) and I don’t think I could anyway. So far no cats are missing but it could just be a matter of time. We do have a flock of turkeys in the area!

  104. a 12 gauge in the head works best. the big ridge/hinds creek area is full of packs of 15 and they are very hungry, lots of folks have lost their pets,both cats and dogs. some folks are setting steel traps. this could be dangerous so be careful on private property at night when they come out as right now they are very lively they will attack a full grown man

  105. If you live out in Hardin Valley, then you have most likely seen a coyote.  We live off Hardin Valley Road and have seen one stalking behind a herd of five deer.  We hear them frequently at night calling out of the woods and hear them sometimes running through the yard sounding like half-grown puppies.  As long as they leave the ducks, horses, farm animals along, I am okay with them being in the woods and roaming the fields every once in a while.  

  106. One ran right into the front drivers side of our car last night on Chapman Hwy……$2000 worht od damage to the car.

  107. Just saw 2 coyotes or wolfes by the confederate cemetary off MLK.  One was grey and one was black.  I heard the grey one howling and he sounded like a wolf.  Are there wolfes in Knoxville?

  108. Saw one tonight after a movie at Wynsong theatre near Cedar Bluff. Literally 100yds from the theatre. Thing was big and brown. Stopped and shined my headlights on it till it ran off…

  109. I have a friend in Corryton who saw a coyote at the trailer park he was living in about 13 years ago on Corryton Rd where he was living with his mom.  Carmen Gammon  

  110. Just saw one in my back yard today – on Chilhowee across from the Holston Hills golf course. Got to my dog just in time. The coyote was in the grassy area and headed toward her on my deck. What a surprise!

  111. Yea in Halls crossroads…2 at Salem Baptist church and one up on Hill Road caught on a deer cam in back yard . They are here and hungry .

  112. I had two coyotes on the hill behind my house an hour ago. They stopped for a minute and I got the camera but they left before I got a picture. I live near the woods behind Franklin Square.

  113. I live in west hills and they live directly behind our house. If given the chance, my husband will kill them. In fact, he’s already tried. I don’t feel safe with my children jumping on the trampoline or playing outside. Eventhough they say they won’t attack humans, they’re wild animals, so I wouldn’t put it past them.

  114. There was one last night outside my front door pacing back and forth. Very scarey! This was in Sequoyah Hills

  115. Have seen my grey coywolf again by mlk and Kyle. This thing howls like a wolf and is grey like one. Some coyotes are half wolf here in east TN, and they are BIG.

  116. Saw a coyote on Ault Road in East Knoxville in summer 2013 in the Est Town Mall area. I lived in California for 7 years so I’m familiar with what a coyote looks like~ no mistaking it.

  117. I live in wooded area with approx 50 -60 acres around us .This is in Maloneyville Rd -Ridgeview Rd area. I have had cats to disappear , and in Sept 2014 a little black cocker is missing. She kept wild animals away from our yard for 8 yrs. Pepper worked all night chasing something and barking at them. There is a cave nearby and I have lived here about 50- 60 yrs . Why do cats want to go out where there is such danger? They are not hungry.

  118. I used to live off Dutchtown Rd. I saw them in the yard all the time.I saw a pack of 5 one time.There are dozens of red foxes as well.Coyotes are all up and down P.Parkway going towards Oak Ridge.I moved to Oliver Springs and they are all over the place out here as well.They seem to be everywhere this way.

  119. Just saw one on Jacksboro Pike in Fountain City. Ran right out in front of me. Something needs to be done about them. I live in Halls and have had several cats disappear between mine and the neighbors. They can relocate them to a less populated area surely!

  120. Just had one approach my dogs in my fenced backyard in West Town Estates. This is located near Francis Rd, near Bearden Middle School. Luckily my dogs are all over 100lbs and were behind a 5 foot fence. The coyote was up on the fence though. TWRA said they would do nothing about a sighting. I am maybe 3-4 miles from Bearden Middle School and about 6 miles from West Hills Elementary, let’s hope they really are scared of people.

  121. On June 29th at 5 AM I spotted a large coyote at the intersection of Ball Camp Pike & Kingsmore Drive as I was leaving Northwest Hills subdivision. I’m told there’s a large wooded area behind Fraziers Carpet where a number of coyotes have been sighted.

  122. I live off Clinton hwy and Pleasant Ridge. My yard is full of them. We take pictures,video,and dread everytime someone’s pet is running loose. We had tried to stop them from killing neighbors dogs. .too many to mention. People think it’s ok to dump their unwanted pets here and they become food for the coyotes. Animal control can’t do anything with them. Every year we have watched many litters of pups being raised within feet of where my grandchildren play. The number of them is very alarming. When food gets scarce here, they cross over to Victor Ashe Park area. If a siren goes off,you know exactly where they are hanging out. We had 3 large males being very aggressive with us at night. .coming in my carport. It is terrifying. I have called NWA, Animal Control. .no one seems to know what to do about it.
    Working now on getting a permit. They just keep multiplying. There is at least 40 of them,probably more, in this small wooded area.

  123. There has been a coyote seen 3 times 2 weeks ago. I wish someone would do something about them! My cat went missing September 26, 2015. We have flyers every where. I am not the only one missing a cat & small dogs are missing too. Glenoaks Dr. & Dutch Valley Rd. Right off Broadway.

  124. My puppy attacked by coyote in Townsend yesterday. Luckily my pup got free and ran to us! Coyote stood and looked at us ~ not afraid of humans and very close to us! Second one close to cabin off Lail Lane in Townsend

  125. Think they came to fountain city area. My cat went missing, put up flyers. Cat has been missing since September 26, 2015. Sucks!

  126. Yes South Knoxville has a problem. We hear them and we see them . Years ago I thought they all lived out West but they are all around Knoxville now .

  127. Just yesterday I saw what appeared to be a dead fox or coyote on the south side of Oak Ridge Highway just east of Grace Church.
    In February I was in Los Angeles visiting and had just gone through the tunnel used in Back to the Future, only to find three coyotes eating a bird about twenty feet off the road.

  128. Just saw a coyote walking through my backyard in Lakemoor Hills at noontime today (initially I thought it was a huge red fox). My cat was following it until the coyote went into the woods behind my house. It was really a beautiful and graceful creature but I’ll definitely keep a close eye on my cats and make sure they are in at night.

  129. I have seen coyotes three times in the last two weeks in Carl Cowan Park in West Knoxville including today. I saw three coyotes together the second time. They have been near the first bench just as you enter the woods near the water park. It is a popular park for dog walking which is why I go there frequently. It is making me very nervous.

  130. Around 12 am .. I was sitting on my front porch and I seen 1 coming down our street, it stopped, looked around. He went a few feet down,stopped and went to our neighbors driveway. Then I noticed something coming out from around the back of our house. It was another coyote, he went to the one in the neighbors driveway. That’s when I thought, get in the house. And I did!! I live on Barclay Road in the Knoxville City limits. I’m 5 minutes from downtown Knoxville so YES there are coyotes in Knoxville. Didn’t believe it till tonight

  131. I saw a large one today here at my condo in whittle springs about 12:00 while letting my dogs out. Scary since one of my dogs gets out at night and travels up to the wooded area where the cayote came out of.

  132. Hey everyone. I think the recent construction near Millertown has made them worse. Something happened to our poor little dog the other night. A few yelps in the night and he disappeared without a trace. We looked everywhere for him. We are thinking it was either coyotes, a pet thief, or an angry neighbor. We just don’t know. If you live out near Millertown, please keep a closer eye on our pets.

    We’ve never seen them. Never picked them up on our Ring Camera either. So, I am not 100% positive it is coyotes. Might be human but everyone should be very cautious.

  133. I just saw 3 coyotes and I live in Cedar Bluff. I first heard a ruckus in the wooded area around the property. Twigs snapping, etc. and I thought perhaps homeless people were in there. I went out on my balcony and 3 coyotes ran out towards a retention pond and then I lost sight of them. They ran very fast and I didn’t get a photo. I live close to Fox Lomas Avenue. I wasn’t sure if what I saw were wolves or coyotes, so I googled images and they were definitely coyotes.

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