Sawyer’s Loses Its Greatness

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No more paper towels. No more pellet-shaped ice. Coleslaw recipe change. No customer service. Has Sawyer’s lost it’s greatness?

For nearly 9 years I have always enjoyed Sawyer’s for their “never frozen” chicken fingers, famous Sawyer’s sauce and laid back atmosphere. But that all changed last week.

During my recent visit to the 6914 Kingston Pike location, I was greeted with poor customer service, no pellet-shaped ice to fill my cup, no “Hooters-esque” paper towels on the tables and coleslaw that my grandmother would have been ashamed of. Maybe I went overboard with the pellet-shaped ice but that stuff is to die for. It is what has made Sawyer’s, well, Sawyer’s.

What gives guys? Why do away with staples of Sawyer’s greatness?

Things that have made you worth visiting are now gone. I sure hope things go back to the way they were or you may lose this customer forever.

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  1. The pellet ice and the sweet tea that it kept cold was definitely part of the Sawyer’s experience. This makes me sad. I don’t know that Zaxby’s is anything great and I haven’t had a chance to try Guthrie’s yet, but I’m going to be really disappointed if they’re pulling Sawyers down the drain.

  2. i went recently to the one on the strip. The service was sub-par, the food was ok but the portions seem to have shrunk.

    they also switched from baskets to crappy plastic/ styrofoam plates.

    oh well, looks like a staple of the college years is heading the way of Sam and Andy’s or Vic and Bills.

    All good things…

  3. My last two experiences have been very bad. Amen to shrunken portions. Did anyone notice the incredibly sticking film covering every service at the Kingston Pike location? Blah.

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  5. Tried Sawyers once. Wished I hadn’t. Gave Wishbones 2 chances. Zaxby’s is the real deal. I look for it when I’m on the road.

  6. Zaxbys is alright, but not that great, and Guthries is pretty much just like Sawyers, but doesn’t have honey mustard. Sawyers was the best though, I wish it was still as good as it was 8 years ago.

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  8. So sad, I have been out of town for several years and just happened to be driving through and had looked for Sawyers for lunch. So disappointed. šŸ™

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