Having trouble locating gas?

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It has been nearly 13 days since hurricane’s Ike and Gustav arrived on U.S. soil. Yet, gasoline is flowing like molasses in winter.

Even after nearly two weeks there are still empty gas stations in Knoxville.

Are you having trouble locating gas for your car? If not, where are you able to find it?

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  1. Fortunately, my car isn’t very thirsty, nor do I drive a lot, but I’m a bit irked that Food City on Middlebrook (near Cedar Bluff) has been out of gas for two consecutive Fridays now.

    They have a special on Fridays were premium is the same as mid-grade, and I try to time my fill-ups to take advantage.

  2. I’ve been in two of the gas drought areas in the last week but had no problem finding petrol around here. Sam’s was site of last week’s fill up, and City Gas on Sevier Avenue. Then I filled up this week on Cedar Bluff at Weigel’s.
    BTW, I’m still boycotting Pilot – AKA the evil overlords of the Petroleum business – because I don’t feel the need to build Jimmy or Big Jim a new Tennis Court this year.

  3. I ususally fill up at the Kroger on Northshore by the Pellissippi, because I get 10 cents off with my Kroger card. There have been lines there, but I haven’t been when t
    here was no gas at all.

    If I don’t plan ahead and I’m running late, I go the Breadbox at the corner of Gleason and Gallaher View. Maybe because it’s not on a main road, it’s always had gas and there’s never been a line.

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