Best Customer Service in Knoxville?

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We’ve had a long running series here at Knoxify called ‘Customer Centered’ where we focus on spotlighting those who make doing business a pleasure. As I drove into work this morning I thought about this series and wondered:

Who has the best customer service in Knoxville? Does one particular instance stand out in your mind as going above and beyond?

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      1. @knoxify sorry, that was my snarky answer. Everybody should name everywhere I’ve ever worked. Real answer is Magpies. Always a great exp.

  1. I’ve also had really good customer service experiences at Home Depot on Clinton Highway 🙂

    On a related note, Toyota of Knoxville has some of the WORST customer service I’ve ever dealt with…

  2. I’m generally always happy with customer service at Aquarium fish supply store off Papermill, Earth Fare, and Wal-mart–ok, j/k on the last one!

  3. I cannot think of any major places that have a blanketed average of good service. A lot of little mom and pop’s have the best.

    Just off the top of my head Jacob’s Restaurant and Grill, on Middlebrook Pike, has the best customer service. Jacob, the owner, works the grill and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. All the other folks go out of their way to be cordial too.

  4. I had excellent customer service the other day at McDonald’s on Northshore Drive. The store was very clean and the staff was courteous.

  5. Without a doubt, Chic-Fil-A…any location. They consistently provide the most efficient and courteous service of any business in Knoxville. No matter how busy they get, they always make you feel like you are the only customer in the place!

  6. The Starbucks in the Hilton downtown. Everyone who works there is sweet and goes way above and beyond to make you feel welcome and well-served.

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