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  1. Senor Taco is much better now that the waiter who groped people and would threaten us to fight when we told him to stop is gone. Still feel nervous each time I go, though.

  2. La Paz for sure! (aka Chez Guevara) located on Kingston Pike in the corner between Barnes & Noble and Toys ‘R Us.

    The spinach queso is crazy delicious. Couple that with the red and green salsas…mmmmmmmm! Yes, please!

  3. Senor Taco! all the WAY! there is no better place and it serves up some authentic Mexican dishes! I mean the beef tongue (as gross as it may sound) is delicious and so is your standard chimichanga!

  4. The best of Knoxville IS NOT Senor Taco! Roaches are readily available on any plate. This is based on our visit to the restaurant. A Roach crawled from our serving plate when the waiter was removing the plate from the table. As if it was a routine, the waiter exclaimed, “Ill get the manager”. The manager could only add, “we were inspected yesterday”. With that behind us, the Lunch Crew rated Casa Don Gallo and Abuelo’s as the Best Mexican Restaurants of Knoxville.

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